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10 reasons to love the autumn

Updated 6th of Sep, 2018 – There are plenty of reasons why you should embrace the autumn with love. To some people it’s the best season of all – but for us living in the Nordics the end of summer can seem a bit harsh. Especially as the Scandinavian summer of 2018 was the most sunny ever. However, there are without a doubt much to like about the autumn.
Here are 10 of our favourites:



1. Stylish outfits
Autumn is perhaps the coolest season of year when it comes to stylish outfits and certainly dictates a change in your personal style and wardrobe compared with the summer time. Dig out your favorite boots, scarfs, hats, jackets etc – or even better: you have an excuse to shop new. The autumn still lets you wear your cool sunglasses, leave your jacket unbuttoned and a casual scarf hanging in the wind.

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Why hot drinks tastes the best in the autumn

2. Varm drinks
It’s time to finally skip the cold beverages or the hyped iced vanilla latté in favour of a real hot cup of coffee or perhaps even a hot cup of chocolate with whipped cream. Yummy…


Autumn means fire up your fireplace

3. Open fire
Wheather it’s an open fire in the forrest, your garden or, if you are so lucky, your fireplace in your home nothing beats the coziness of a cold sunday afternoon with the companionship of the crackling sound of fire, tons of heat and the bright flames. Combined with a few other “tips” on this list it will take one hell of a summer evening (and some cold white wine) to match an autumn afternoon like this.


Colors is one of the best things about autumn / fall4. Colors
One of the absolute best things about the autumn is, without comparison, the beautiful colors of the fall. Burning red, warm yellow and al kinds of shades in between makes the autumn the most amazing season to visit the forrest and just soak in the beauty of nature. Something we are pretty fond of in the Nordics.


Sweaters help make the autumn one of the best seasons4. Sweaters
Ok, we’ll admit that we’re fan of t-shirts and tops too… But a quality sweater just has something unique that we cannot resist. Ohh, not to mention your favorite boots. Don’t even get us started on that one…

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Autumn is the season to bake lots of cakes

6. Bakery and cakes
We already covered varm drinks and perhaps even a fireplace. Well, naturally there is no way around bakery and cakes. Too much in the summertime (and you’ll have to look after your bikini/shorts figure anyway) but when the autumn kicks in it’s time to dig in. You’ll need those delicious calories for the winter… Well, sort of anyway.


Autumn is the best season for your favorite tv-show

7. Time for TV-series
Who wants to watch hours of tv-series during summer? But with the autumn the season for tv-connoisseurs begins. In a world with Netflix and HBO on-demand access to worldclass tv-series are almost endless.
Needless to say: We love it…


Autumn is the best season for soup and heavy cooking

8. Soups and stews
When it’s cold outside stay warm with a fantastic soup or stew. The list of great recipies is endless and the autumn commodities are nothing but amazing. Google soups and stews are you’ll have inspiration for both autumn and winter.


Handpicked 2018 autumn favorites from 9. Online-shopping

Who doesn’t like to shop? However, when autumn kicks in we prefer to do our shopping online. Stay indoor, warm and cozy. It’s just so much better, easier and less stressful. There are tons of great marketplaces and webshops out there. Our favorite – yes, you guessed it:
Visit our autumn-picks section  at where we handpicked a few great buys for the 2018 autumn.
You’re most welcome 🙂


Autumn is great cause Christmas is coming10. Christmas is coming
There’s no way around unless you’re the type who travels to a deserted islands during Christmas. However, most Scandinavian people love their Christmas. Full of lighting, snow and jingle bells and the yearly dose of Wham’s Last Christmas… (pfffiiit….). Get comfortable and cozy up with the ENIITO Magazine – Christmas Edition and let us inspire for a new Christmas. And then of cause there’s the shopping. To avoid the stress we’re big fans of online-shopping..
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