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16! Scandinavian interior designers you should know

The devil is in the details, they say. When it comes to styling your home this is certainly true. The small things matters. Candle holders, flowerpot, vases, cushions, lamps, boxes and so on are important ingredients, when you want to add a personal and unique touch to the ambience of your home. Interior designs and interior accessories are simply just important details.

In this article you’ll be introduced to 16 upcoming Scandinavian interior design brands that fully understands the importance of detail and has the designs to show for it. Find inspiration for your home and just as important – get acquainted with 16 Scandinavian designers that you simply must know.

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#1 Akiko Ken Made – Japanese Akiko and Danish Ken are partners in life and business. The couple designs elegant and minimalistic interior accessories that intertwines Japanese handicrafts with Danish furniture Craftsmanship. A beautiful symbiosis. Enticed? Click the image below to learn more about Akiko Ken Made and see their designs.


#2 Dögg Design – Icelandic Dögg Guðmundsdóttir creates timeless and functional interior designs. Dögg’s ROOTS collection is a celebration of her Icelandic heritage combining the wilderness of iceland with modern design. Curious? Click the image below to learn more about Dögg Design and see her designs.


#3 Dot Aarhus -The Aarhus-based brand creates interior accessories designed to meet the needs and challenges of everyday life. They’re focused on combining functionality with aesthetics – giving function a form. Elegant designs that will make your life easier… and aesthetically pleasing. Tempted? Click the image below to learn more about Dot Aarhus and their designs.


#4 Future days – Vibrant colors and origami shapes. That’s Swedish brand Future Days for you. Their interior designs are perfect for adding some color and life to the strict and clean style that is dominant in Scandinavia. Titillated? Click the image below to learn more about Future days and their designs.


#5 GALERIEKECRANTZ – Swedish interior designer with a collection of colorful and soft pillows and cushions. The playful and explosive patterns are hand drawn and look like a pieces of modern art. Enticed? Click the image below to learn more about Galeriekecrantz and her designs.


#6 møbel & rum – Danish design brand with a lot of love for craftsmanship. Their selection reaches from ceramics over furniture to photography. All of their products are crafted by hand and møbel & rum puts great emphasis on material selection, unique details and clean aesthetics. Click the image below to see all the work of møbel & rum.

The stylish handmade SMOCK Cushion by møbel & rum. Comes in various colors.



#7 HAENG – We design. You decide – is the motto for Danish lamp brand HAENG. Their elegant and sophiscated lamps are out together by different modules in different materials and shapes, that you can pick out yourself. They provide the different designs – you decide how to put them together. Titillated? Click the image below to learn more about HAENG and their lamps.


#8 Kaamani – Danish Kaamani’s cushions and throws are inspired by the skillful knitwork of her Grandmother Maren. The cushions are handmade in Peru in high-quality materials and they will embellish any interior home. Handcrafted, elegant and comfortable Scandinavian interior design. Curious? Click the image below to learn more about Kaamani and her designs.


#9 MATIAS MOELLENBACH – Danish interior design brand creating timeless designs made by hand. The Glass lamp is Scandinavian minimalism in its purest form with the steely bright white color and the simple rounded shapes. This lamp could be the next classic in a long line of iconic Scandinavian lamps. Enticed? Click the image below to learn more about Matias and his designs.

Left: Glass Lamp by MATIAS MOELLENBACH | Right: Lowball Tumbler & Stoneware Cup


#10 Nordic Function – As the name reveals this Danish design brand is all about functionality. Nordic Function prefers materials leather and wood as they age with beauty. The simplicity of the designs put emphasis on the soft shapes, which are a continous theme in all of the designs. Tempted? Click the image below to learn more about Nordic Function and their designs.


#11 Piece of Denmark – Danish design brand creating hand made vases with an ever-present fascination with light and shadow and modern graphic styles. Piece of Denmark is a collab between architect Dorte Kjettrup and designer Susanne Holmvang. Their Classic Gubel vase is inspired by jellyfish – floating, magical and alluring. Curious? Click the image below to learn more about Piece of Denmark and their designs.


#12 Räfvgrytet – Swedish Räfvgrytet designs candle holders with an industrial and graphic expression. The designs are characterized by a focus on geometrical shapes and lines that gives a simple, clean and raw look to the candle holders. Enticed? Click the image below to learn more about Räfvgrytet and their designs.

Trio Candle holders by Räfvgrytet


#13 Rath & Stok – Danish design duo with passion for music on vinyls – like the good old days – the way it should be. Their DISPLAYY record shelve is a must-have for all vinyl lovers as it lets you keep your favorite records on display at all times. Click the image to see more on Rath & Stok.

#14 Traewerk – Aarhus-based design brand with a love for wood. This is evident in their brand name which originates from the danish word for wood – træ. Their lamps are simplistic and very much in keeping with their minimalistic Scandinavian heritage. Curious? Click the image below to learn more about Traewerk and their designs.


#15 Tung Shape – Minimalistic, industrial and raw. These labels stick to the lamps by Tung Shape. A rather rough exterior is softened a bit by the rounded shapes and the soft comforting light that the lamps provide. They are made from concrete and polished by hand with diamond pads. The lamps are hand made given each of one a uniqueness to it. Interested? Click the image below to learn more about Tung Shape and their designs.


#16 Designed and Made by Nina Johanna Christensen – Malmö-based glassblower Nina Johanna Christensen is in love with glass as a material and it shows in her designs. They are all handmade unique pieces of art. Nina’s designs are maintaining an illusion of the glass as a material in motion. Enticed? Click the image below to learn more about Nina and her designs.

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