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20 fun facts about Scandinavian countries

1. Norway is one of the richest countries in the world because of their oil. Their oil fund is worth NOK 7520 billion/ nearly US $1 trillion. Norway is also the world’s 7th biggest oil exporter but their gas prices are still among the highest in the world.

2. Sweden has something they call “allemansrätt”, which means that everyone from Sweden has the right to walk around in the Swedish nature. The rule behind it is to be respectful towards the nature and the animals. You can for example ski wherever you want also if it’s behind a fence. You can also camp in a tent on an area that’s privately owned. It’s your right! The only exceptions are that you can’t walk on fields with crops growing or in someone’s private garden.

3. They’re crazy about saunas in Finland! They have more than 3 million saunas in Finland / an average of one for every household! Saunas are a big part of the Finnish culture and many of the Finnish women actually give birth in a sauna!

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4. Iceland’s nights are bright. They have days where the sun is visible for more than 24 hours! This midnight sun occurs in the period between the 16th and 29th of June. So if you need longer days and more energy, you should go to Iceland in the summer time!

5. Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, has more Michelin-starred restaurants than all of the other Scandinavian cities combined. So if you want to visit a city with fabulous food, go to Copenhagen! Talk of town in 2018 is the new noma which re-opened in new buildings near Christiania. Here not only the food and wine are firstclass. Architecture, design, furniture, accessories… everything is state-of-art and designed especially for noma by Nordic designers, architects & craftsmen.

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6. Scandinavians looooove coffee! Sweden, Finland and Denmark are the top 3 per-capita consumers of coffee in the world! Iceland, on the other hand, is a bigger fan of Coca-Cola and has the highest per-capita consumption of it. Iceland is also the country that watches the most movies in the world – maybe that goes together with the Coca-Cola?

7. Denmark is considered the least corrupt country in the world. Norway is the most peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index. Scandinavia is a pretty cool place to live!

8. Sweden has a gender-neutral pronoun called “hen”. It’s for example used when the gender is unknown or not important.

9. Norway really knows how to celebrate their high school graduation! They can spend as much as $ 300,000 on a party bus they decorate for their graduation. The students can even get corporate sponsors to fund their bus. You can recognize the graduates by their big red overalls that usually has their name on it.

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10. Denmark has an amazing amusement park called Tivoli Gardens, which Walt Disney visited and loved. He got so inspired that he created Disneyland after that. If you haven’t visited Tivoli in Copenhagen yet, you have to! Denmark also has the oldest amusement park in the world, Bakken.

11. Iceland can seem a little strange It’s very common in Iceland to believe in elves for example but they don’t live in the forest – Iceland doesn’t have any forests!

12. In Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, 50% of the population rides the bike to work/school all year. They also have twice as many bicycles than cars in Denmark!

13. On average there’s an volcanic eruption every 4 years in Iceland.

14. Finland has an annual Day for Failure! It’s October 13th and they celebrate bad news and mistakes because of how much you learn from them.

15. No place in Denmark is further than 50 km / 30 miles away from the sea!

16. Beer was illegal in Iceland untill 1989 and they have banned strip clubs since 2010!

17. Denmark is actually the fifth largest food exporter in the world! It’s hard to imagine for such a small country.

18. Are you a fan of McDonalds? Don’t go to Iceland then, they don’t have any!

19. Skype was invented by a Dane who sold it to Microsoft in 2011. LEGO is also Danish – but you should know that already 😉

20. If you hate mosquitous, go to Iceland! They do not exist there!


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