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4 Scandinavian Rising Stars in Handbags Design

Choose a designer handbag that fits your style

Don’t be a slave of marketing and just a trend follower! Express your individuality by wearing unique designer handbags that stand out from the crowd and look nothing like the ones your friends have. Many of the designers included in this article are new on the market and they are all rising stars!

#1 By Karlsen Nord . Be drawn into the Nordic nature with the new Danish fashion brand, By Karlsen Nord , established in 2016. By Karlsen Nord designs leather handbags and women’s wallets of high quality leather in beautiful colors.

Click the image to learn more about By Karlsen Nord

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#2 Eduards Accessories . Don’t just buy a handbag – buy a piece of Scandinavian design that will keep you company for years. Eduard Accessories makes handbags for women and men in all shapes and sizes. The biggest ones can fit your laptop! Eduard Accessories  signature look is the braided leather like the beautiful one in the picture above.

Click the image to see even more of Eduards elegant designs. Lots of designer bags and wallets.

#3 Ham & Lerche . The Danish designers behind Ham & Lerche are a true power couple. With a background in Finance and one in Design – together they have created a line of handmade leather bags and accessories. They’re stylish and pretty awesome! Fall in love with one of their many beauties here .

Learn more about the world of Ham & Lerche by clicking the image

#4 Kontainer Copenhagen . The perfect mix of elegance and simplicity is to be found in Kontainer Copenhagen’s bags . It’s the perfect addition to the modern women’s business outfit. A bag like this, you will love for years!

The classy handbag by Kontainer Copenhagen comes in blue as well. Click the image to see all her handbags

We hope you liked this post and remember – there’s a range of distinctive designer handbags to chose from for everyone out there. It’s okay to be picky and invest a little more in a bag you know will fit your personality and last for years. Feel free to share this post and leave a comment telling us which bag you prefer.

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