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5 stunning funkis houses

Have you heard about funkis? Funkis is short for functionalism and it’s very popular in modern architecture! The principle behind is that you create and design the building for the purpose of the building. You won’t build anything that’s not necessary! The funkis buildings are characterized by straight angles, flat roofs and square shapes. Funkis started as a Scandinavian phenomenon and has become very popular all over the world but especially Norway is a front-runner here!


Are you living your life on the edge? Well you certainly can in this house! If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing view from your home you should definitely get some big panorama windows to get the most out of it!


Photo: Juvet hotel

This hotel in Norway is a must to visit if you’re into funkis! Here you can really become one with nature! Relax at their spa and enjoy the view while you eat at their restaurant.


Photo: Alexander Westberg and Lund Hagem.

This beautiful cabin is actually a summer house in Norway! You can only access it by boat, so it’s safe to say that you have the area to yourself. It’s 75 square-meters and is located just by the water.


Photo: Rzemiosło Architektoniczne

This building is a family home in Poland! This funkis house is suitable for the modern family who wants to live quite far from their neighbors and have a lot of space for themselves.


Photo: Siggen Stinessen

Once again a beautiful holiday cabin in northern Norway. If you like fishing this is definitely a perfect place for you! It’s hard to find a more peaceful house for the holidays.


If this post made you fall in love with the Scandinavian style, you should take a look at for more inspiration!