6 reasons why Scandinavian Modern Design is so popular

From the clean lines of minimalism and natural colours to the popular concept of hygge, Scandinavian modern design continues to allure. The Nordic design movement first emerged in the early twentieth century, but really swept the globe from the 1950s – and now, some 70 years later, Scandinavian design seems to be drawing more followers than ever.
But just why are all things Scandi design so popular? If you weren’t already a convert, you will be after reading the reasons below.


1. It’s minimalist

Some believe that the minimalist movement was spearheaded by Scandinavian modern design, and it’s not difficult to see why; the two go together like peas in a pod. Scandi design is a response to the clutter and opulence of Baroque style, and as a result, its products are sleek and simple, with shapely silhouettes and minimal adornment. Think Greta Magnusson-Grossman’s Grasshopper Lamp: a coppery, slimline wonder of a creation, perfect for any industrial-chic space.
Some may find Scandinavian design so minimalistic that it seems bare. What needs to be remembered, however, is that the simplicity of Scandi furnishings and interiors allows room for all kinds of accessorising – meaning that you can put your own stamp on your layout with all the cushions, art, and rugs that you desire.

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2. It’s optimistic

Remember the eyesore that was the Brutalist movement? Clearly, modernism has many ugly offshoots – but with Scandinavian modern design, you don’t have to worry about an oppressive, dark aesthetic that will drag your interiors down.
Because Scandinavian design takes into account the short winter days that are a feature of Nordic climes, its aesthetic is necessarily light, bright, and optimistic. Scandinavian pieces and palettes lift the mood of a room and emphasise its size, so you’ll never feel blue when step inside.

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3. It’s timeless

The sheer fact that Scandi design has persisted for the best part of a century indicates its timelessness. Make no mistake, there’s a definite modern touch to the sharp angles and simple silhouettes of the Scandi aesthetic. The Modern style though, is understated and classic, and isn’t about to go out with the next gaudy trend.
If you only want to design your home once, please opt for Scandinavian design over any other.

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4. It’s functional

If you’re sick of furniture which looks fabulous in the catalogue – and, indeed, on the first day it’s in your home – but is either totally uncomfortable or impractical, then the functional impulse that drives Scandinavian modern design is guaranteed to be right up your alley.

Many Scandinavian designers demonstrate a real commitment not only to functionality but to multifunctionality, which means that their pieces are ideally suited to smaller apartment spaces. Designer Anne Linde, for example, specialises in multifunctional shelves, whilst the brand Collect Furniture produces top-quality multifunctional wooden pieces.

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5. It’s organic

One of the greatest drawcards of Scandinavian design is its emphasis on the natural and organic. Many top Scandi designers take inspiration directly from nature, with designers like Finn Juhl pioneering the use of materials like teak and ash wood in furniture designs. It only takes a table or chair built from these kinds of natural materials to bring the outside in to your home, and to avoid the artificiality that sometimes mars the design aesthetic of other styles of furniture.

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6. It’s long-lasting and sustainable

When you’re building your furniture shopping list, you should think about the future as well as about fulfilling the need in your home. Instead of only looking for the cheapest options, it always pays for look for the highest-quality pieces that you can afford. It’s always good to support furniture that is made from responsible sources and made by skilled designers and craftsman who take pride in good workmanship. If the craftsmen stand by their work with years of guarantees, there’s a good chance that you will be able to enjoy the furniture for many years to come.

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Classics from the golden age is still very much in demand. Image from Pinterest.

This post was written by guest-blogger Maia Fletcher. Maia loves anything to do with home design, especially the tiny house movement, minimalist living spaces, and alternative housing trends such as shipping container homes. Her bookshelf is constantly revolving with design books and magazines that inspire her creative side. Want to say a quick hello? You can get in touch with Maia here.