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7 amazing ways to style your home with tiles


We often connect the word “tiles” with boring bathrooms and uninspiring kitchens. That is such a shame because they can be used in many different and untraditional ways to upgrade your home and make it personal. Have a look at these 7 creative and amazing ways to incorporate tiles in your home…




Take a look at these beautiful bathroom tiles for a second… You would never want to close the door to this view, right? It’s no news that marble is a huge interior trend, but have you ever seen green marble hexagon tiles like this before? Stunning!


Pink tiles, gold and porcelain?! It can’t get any better for a girly soul. Having this shower should make you the cleanest human being with the biggest water bill on the planet! Bathroom tiles don’t have to be boring!


Do you need new kitchen tiles? Give your kitchen an upgrade with dark colored hexagon tiles like these. It’s very easy to clean and will never go out of style!


Play with colors and patterns to get the stylish hotel-feeling in your bathroom. White tiles are a classic but we tend to get bored with them. Try to break the white look with some colors of any kind!

Photo: Riches for Rags

Bring your tiles outside and get inspired by the Moroccan vibe. This will for sure make your summer days feel like a vacation. Now all you need is a pool and a drone to catch amazing photos from above. No biggie, right?

Photo: LSA Architects

Large tiles are classics for bathrooms. A bathroom in this style will make your guests drop their jaws.


And lastly we want to show you how great the color blue works in a bathroom. This look is especially suitable for a family with kids!

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