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7 Scandinavian Places to Visit in Spring Time

Scandinavian Landscape

It’s finally spring time and it’s a perfect opportunity to go outside and explore the world! If you fancy Scandinavian landscapes and are looking for an amazing view but don’t know where to go – then look no further! We present to you 7 picturesque landmarks you should visit in Scandinavia.

The Cliffs of Møn, Denmark

The Cliffs of Møn (or Møns Klint, as we call it in Denmark), one of the most beautiful places in Southern Scandinavia, is a 6 km long stretch of chalk cliffs, which are among the highest points in Denmark. Lying 70 km south of Copenhagen, it takes only one hour and a half to reach Møns Klint by car. Apart from the incredible cliff views, there are plenty of paths for hikers and bikers that run through the forest on top. It’s beautiful and definitely a must visit if you’re in Denmark! A small tip on a final note: if you plan on walking along the shore, just remember to check the tide times before heading down to Møns Klint.

Scandinavia - Møns Klint

Photo: by Bob Collowan via Wikimedia Commons

The High Coast, Sweden

Known as Höga Kusten in Sweden, the place is famous for its hiking trails, which are considered to be among the best in Scandinavia. Located 400 km north of Stockholm on the shorelines of the Gulf of Bothnia, the High Coast region spans over 2,700 square kilometers of glacier carved landscapes. Besides hiking, there are a number of different activities one could take part in like: rock climbing, fishing and kayaking. Otherwise, you can always drive through the hills and fjords of Höga Kusten and enjoy the truly unique Scandinavian view.

The High Coast in Sweden


Reine, Norway

Reine is a small fishing village, located on a small Norwegian island called Moskenesøya (Moskenes Island – 900 km north of Oslo), with a population of only 329 inhabitants! The little red houses along the shore (which are essentially, fishermen cabins) and the towering glacial rocks create a distinctive Nordic scenery that is hard to match anywhere else in Scandinavia. An enigmatic and cozy place that one will enjoy visiting during the long days of the Scandinavian summer time!

Reine village in Norway


Vatnajökull, Iceland

Visiting an ice cave in Iceland is a true ‘experience gift’ for thrill seekers! Although a bit pricey, taking a tour of the Vatnajökull (also known as Vatna Glacier in English) cave is a once in a lifetime opportunity one can’t miss! The cave and glacier tours are open until May 15th, and you have to book these well in advance if you decide to go – so don’t waste your time!

Vatnajökull ice cage in Iceland

Repovesi National Park, Finland

This park is only a couple of hours away from Helsinki and it’s really worth a visit! If you want to get the full experience you should definitely camp there – either in a tent or a rented cabin.

Repovesi national park in Finland


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is one of the 25 wonders of the world and a must to visit in beautiful Iceland. You have to experience the geothermal spa with the hot milky blue water! The lagoon is open all year and it should be extraordinary spectacular in the spring time! You must book the tour in good advance since it’s such a popular destination.

The Blue Lagoon springs in Iceland


Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden is a must to visit! If you’re more into visiting cities instead of nature then Stockholm is the place for you! This city is full of charm and has some fantastic hotels to offer.

Stockholm capital in Sweden

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