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8 major interior trends of 2018

biggest trends 2018 eniito wallpaper artsy bedroom green

2018 has been a great year for interior trends so far! We are sharing the absolute biggest trends this year with you guys including which color has been awarded the most popular, our styling opinions and stunning photos to inspire everyone. What do you believe has been the biggest interior trends of 2018? We would really love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment. We hope you enjoy this post as much as we do…

Artsy wallpaper

Why decorate your walls with pictures you change from time to time, when you can make your whole wall look like a piece of art itself? If it’s for your bedroom: choose a calm color and match your bed linen and pillows with the colors of the wallpaper. We especially adore these green tones for the bedroom – dark blue has also been very popular, but has become a bit too common these days in our opinions. If you are in need of more inspiration regarding your bedroom, see our selected picks of cushions and blankets here . Picture by Murals Wallpaper.

trend 2018 velour velvet couch livingroom eniito scandinavian nordic

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Velvet furniture

Velvet is definitely not a new trend but it still tops as one of the biggest trends this year! Velvet has been seen a lot on furniture, bags, clothing etc. and we don’t want to miss t The velvet couch is maybe not the best choice for the family with small children since it’s truly a struggle to clean. If you are not really ready for a big velvet couch, you can always start by having velvet pillows like this one from GALERIEKECRANTZ . Take note of the marble tables – more about that later on in this post! Picture by and HemTrender.

Interior trend ultra violet scandinavian nordic eniito

Color of 2018: Ultra Violet

According to Pantone, the color of 2018 has been Ultra Violet! It’s impossible to avoid the blue-based purple this year when talking about interior design. The color is associated with mindfulness and connection which brings a feeling of calmness to your home. In many ways it’s also a very mysterious color that is hard to get tired of. Paint your whole wall in this ultra violet color or get a design piece like Ægget/Egg chair by Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen, in this hot color. You can even spice your wardrobe up with this super fashionable color with a sustainable rib t-shirt and silk skirt by Mette Frejvald . Read more about why Ultra Violet is the color of the year here. Picture by BoConcept and Sophie Robinson.

Long curtains bedroom trend 2018 eniito scandinavian nordic interior design

Floor-to-ceiling curtains

The quickest way to get the ultimate hotel relaxing feeling in your home is by implementing really big curtains! You don’t even need to have super big windows to make a floor-to-ceiling curtain look good – take inspiration from the styling above. Choose a sheer curtain for your living room to have the light entering properly and go for a darker colored curtain for your bedroom. Make sure to have your smaller interior pieces match your curtain e.g. a vase or tray (see our selected picks here ). Picture by Boligmagasinet.

trends 2018 bathroom tiles dark minimalism scandinavian nordic design interior eniito

Get creative with tiles

We have talked about the importance of the right bathroom tiles in a previous blog post and we are going to have to repeat ourselves here! It’s everything! You can change the look of your bathroom completely by getting creative with some beautiful tiles. It’s also a great tip for spicing up your kitchen! We especially have a big crush on these kinds of hexagon tiles. Picture by Helen Bankers.
marble trend 2018 eniito scandinavian nordic design interior bathroom

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Marble in all shades

You can never really go wrong with marble. It’s timeless and suits every room whether it is the smaller details or the bigger such as marble tables or floor. You can even combine this marble trend with the first one of this post – the wallpaper trend – by having a marble wallpaper. That’s some serious instagram goals right there! You can also settle with a small handmade marble container for food like this one by Laura Itkonen . Picture by OnlyDecoLove and ThinkImprint.

trends 2018 botanic plants walls eniito scandinavian nordic design interior

Plants everywhere – hang them, water them, love them

Plants are so important to bring life into your home. If you are the forgetful type, there are many plants for you was well that does not need watering often. Find the right vase (see our selected picks of vases here ) to compliment your table or build your own plant wall like the one above. Unbelieveably many plants work great together and gives just the right vibe to your home. It’s really not that difficult to hang plants on the wall and it makes a world of a difference. This area here would be perfect for enjoying a nice cup of coffee and reading a good book. Picture by Tia Borgsmidt.

trend 2018 wood stone earth elements eniito scandinavian nordic design interior bathroom

Earth elements: stone & wood

We are living in an age where almost eveything has to be organic and natural. This is such an important shift within the interior industry. The consumers begin to demand high quality of materials, fair working conditions and designs as eco-friendly as possible. It has really become a big trend in many homes to live with sustainable furniture and draw in elements of the earth. Especially all kinds of wood and stone materials have become popular and gives a really beautiful rustic style. Sustainability is really an important topic for ENIITO and it is something that has been given a lot of thoughts by our designers. Eco-friendly and organic materials has been keywords for us at our shop and we hope you appreciate it as well – We know Mother Earth does! Find our selected wood designs here . Picture by Jordi Anguera.

That was it for this very long blog post about the 8 biggest trends of 2018. We hope you got inspired! We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below – what do you think about the trends and did we forget something? Take care until next time!