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9 ways to organize your things with stylish design

We spend so much of our time on cleaning and tidying up our home. Wouldn’t life be easier if we had just something to help us hide our messes and organize our belongings? In this post you will get inspiration to how you can easily organize your home with things from stylish Scandinavian designers.

There are many ways to use Anne Linde’s showcase-shelves. Here we have it established in a home office to hide away desk articles, magazines, papers etc. It’s super minimalistic and doesn’t take up much space in a room. It looks like the Showcase-shelve almost melts into the wall. The Showcase comes in many different sizes with different functionalities. Explore more of Anne Linde’s designs here .

There’s nothing more annoying than being in a rush and not being able to find the keys. Collect Furniture has hangers with magnets that can be used to hold your keys, knives – anything really as long as it can stick to a magnet. Find the hangers and all the other designs from Collect Furniture here .  You will never lose your keys again!

If you’re looking for a cool way of organizing your belongings or a great serving table that is easy to move them from room to room – look no further! Kristina Dam Studio got you covered with this Bauhaus Trolley . It also comes in black! Click image to see more from Kristina Dam.

Dot Aarhus has an organizer for (almost) all of your belongings! Avoid greasy finger prints on your glasses with this cute NOSEY  Eyewear holder . Turn your jewellery and watches into an accessory to your home with the KEEPER jewellery holder  and support your phone, tablet and books with the BRASS-DOCK iPad and phone holder !

This may look like a typical wallet, but it really isn’t. It’s handcrafted from Italian black vegetable tanned calfskin, contains a detachable keyholder and can carry more than you can imagine. Read more about the Zippy R wallet from Ocult here .

This is the perfect solution for the business man or woman on the go! In this Italian leather folder from Danish designers Ham & Lerche you can easily carry your laptop, tablet and important papers with you. It also has smaller pockets for your business cards or confidential papers. It comes in black too! Ham & Lerche has a lot of other stylish holders for your passport , pens , earphones etc.

Do you want a shoe rack that doesn’t look like everyone elses? Then take a look at this oak Moodstand shoe rack from Roon & Rahn! It really doesn’t take up much space! Check out the rest of Danish designers Roon & Rahn’s collection here .

A diamond shaped side table? Oh yes! It’s both very practical and beautiful at the same time. For example you can use this side table as your bedstand where you can put away your book, watch and jewelry in a safe place over night. It also comes in the colors yellow, mint and black! Find more from the Swedish designer Future Days here .

And lastly we present you with Danish brand Wood Be Nice   and their elegant Kjeld the Big Box shelve . It is perfect for gloves, scarfs, keys and other small objects and it looks really pretty as well. Click image to check out more from Wood Be Nice.

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