Behind the scenes with Fashion designer Camilla Thuv

Camilla Thuv Lofoten

What is so special about Norway, why does a Norwegian move to the Danish capital Copenhagen and how do you become a fashion designer when you’ve grown up in the middle of nowhere in the most northern part of Norway? We went behind the scenes with Fashion designer Camilla Thuv and got to know her and her creations a bit better**.

You grew up in Norway, why did you decide to move to Copenhagen?
I’m still processing leaving the beautiful nature of Northern Norway, which I am very attached to. But after developing as a person inspired by many people from several countries, Norway, Denmark, Germany, I have started to feel home in Copenhagen and it’s a really good place for me right now. I very much enjoy the urban diversity and feel a freedom in being part of the “mainland” of the continent, which can seem very far away when you live in a very small island in the absolute most northern part of Norway.

Lofoten Camilla Thuv Design Norway


We talk a lot about the North as being special. To you, what makes the North special?
Definitely the wild and unspoiled nature. To me, growing up in Lofoten (North of the Polar Circle), the majestic mountain peaks in the middle of the ocean, The Northern Light, midnight sun and absolute darkness of the winter is so very special. The contrasts of the seasons, the light, the weather and the nature itself is a big part of each human being living there. The people in the North care a lot about each other, they’re patient and very resistant. There’s a lot of humor and ironi, something I think is vital to deal with the dark winters and the unpredictable weather conditions.

Camilla Thuv Lofoten Northern Light

When did you realize that you were interested in fashion design?
I actually grew up with very little interest in fashion, but as a creative person growing up surrounded by all kinds of handcraft projects I knew I would become a creator of some sort. I was all grown up when I found “my” craft, which was sewing. I think it is the deep complexity of fashion design that caught my interest. As a fashion designer I believe you need a special ability to see the big picture the whole way, as you have a lot of regards and choices you need to take when building bridges between aesthetics, functionality and business.

What makes your creations unique?
My creations are unique and authentic because they are based solely on my own ideas and sketches. The prints of the collection combined with the artworks give a special aesthetics completeness, where art, quality hand-craft, fashion and design is united.
I experience the designprocess as a journey, where I continuously learn new things, go down different paths and develop as a person.

You’re part of, what are your five favourite products?
Tough one, but would say these five

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*All answers has been translated from Danish