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Collect Furniture: Uniting all ages with fun and functional furniture

With a declared mission to unite children and adults Fredéric Collette, the man behind Collect Furniture , creates furniture that invite the little ones to play a bigger part in spaces normally dominated by parents and grown-ups. He does so by creating playful and high-quality furniture, which excite and please all ages with multifunctionality and minimalistic and beautiful aesthetics – classic deeds in Scandinavian furniture design.

We got together with Fredéric for a talk about Collect Furniture and the ideas and inspiration behind his designs and his attempt to unite kids and adults.

When talking about Collect Furniture, what is the story you would like to highlight?

What I really aspire for is making playful functional design inspiring all ages. My focus on long lasting, high quality design in sustainable materials is an absolute must. To me, it is sort of the foundation or the starting point to create from. Designing goods for a throw-away culture does not make any sense to me.


Heaps and heaps and heaps of the STOOL by Collect Furniture . Notice how the STOOL (oak) resembles the letter ‘A’ from the side. No coincedence as ‘A’ is present it most of Fredéric’s designs. To him it is a powerful visual shape.


Originally you were working as a civil engineer. What made you transition to design and what has been the biggest upside and downside of the shift?
Well, actually the shift itself was one of many radical changes I made in my life 10 years ago, when breast cancer took my wife Katrine away from my 2 children and I. Working with my designs from idea to final product is a passion and I simply had to go for it. The enthusiastic feedback I get daily about my furniture, is such an upside and reinforces my belief in this project. But being a one-man company is not sustainable in the long run, so I hope to be able to join forces with others soon!


Left: Fredéric in his wood shop, working on the table top for the KANT 3-tone Coffee Table (oak) On the Right: The fun and playful BiRP magnets (oak) in the making

How come you design furniture for kids?

In my small collection most are designs for kids – my kids originally! Kids design allows more playfulness, which probably unconsciously appeals to me a lot. But being design conscious and living with kids, it is important for me to design children’s furniture, that can be a permanent part of the furnishing of our living room, hereby clearly inviting the children into spaces conventionally furnished for adults only. High quality design furniture for children, as I would have for myself, are certainly not only great in the kids bedroom! Actually, I often get requests for adult versions of my children’s furniture.


Fredéric sitting on the STOOLESK . A desk for the toddlers and a stool for big kids and adults. Next to him is the Frame Chair and the STOOL. They all fit together. Psst – Notice the A-shape on the STOOLESK.

Here’s the Frame Chair (oak) again. It comes in two sizes. The big one can be used till around the age of 10.

On the left: The BiRP magnets put to use. On the right: The KANT 3-tone coffee table .

Fredéric in his apartment. In front of him is four of the(oak) KANT Coffee Table.


What is your 3 favorite things about Denmark and Copenhagen?

High quality, functional and well-thought-out design is present everywhere – and this in a subtle and unpretentious way – simple amazing.

I appreciate the danish people for being so casual and informal in any situation with almost total lack of hierarchy.

Small town with big city ambitions, Copenhagen offers the perfect balance for me … and there is always a deserted beach to escape to within 1-2 hours.

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