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Which Design Trends Will dominate 2019 – here are 8 hot ones

Trends are coming and going – some on a fast visit and others tend to stick around for quite some time. The last ten years have been dominated by the great New Nordic wave with its back to basic aesthetics – raw wood, natural fabrics and colors. Then came the warm metals – copper, gold, brass combined with heavy textiles like velvet in dark burgundy like colors. At the same time we have during the last few years seen the return of dusty colors in homes filled up with huge green plants and colorful carpets.
In many ways that’s not going to change in 2019 but if you harvest your way through magazines and blogs, trend-spotters all over the globe see changes in the horizon – not heavy earthquakes but never the less small movements.


1. Plants
The green wave keeps on rolling and in theory you can’t stuff enough plants in your home. But skip the succulents. They have been popular for quite a few years, but are finally ready to go back to the 1980s where they came from. Go for big plants in big pots on the floor.

Design trends for 2019 - plants in your home


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2. Color

We are distancing ourselves more and more from the minimalistic white cube interior. Colors have for the past few years become more and more popular in the Nordic interior settings. Colored walls, colored kitchens and bathrooms. I 2019 you should go for warm red, orange and nude. And you should still go for green which was the dominant 2018 color – green will still be hot in 2019.

Color interior trends anno 2019

3. Metal

For the past years we couldn’t get enough warm metals – copper, bronze, brass and gold. There is not going to be a radical change in this field of action but as gold, brass and bronze remains copper will fade away as a trend. In 2019 polished steel will return and be as hot as in the 1980s.

Home living trends for 2019 - which metals are trendy

4. Textiles

Velour has been extremely popular for some years. And we still crave fabrics with a high level of tactility. In 2019 this trend will grow as a counteraction to our digital lives and will be joined by fabrics like velvet.

Textiles trends for 2019 - velvet and velour is hot

5. Sustainability

Reuse and sustainability are key words when in come to anything we do. We become more and more aware of the importance of buying long lasting products and products that are recyclable when they have outlived their purpose. And due to the climate crises this trend is not going to go away.

Home Living trends of 2019 - sustainability


6. Adventure and bedtime stories

We want to make our lives meaningful and create a home filled with personal items. Our homes should be a comfort zone and a place where you take a break from a hectic life. For the same reason furniture like the four-poster bed and huge reading chairs are welcome items.

Home Living trends of 2019 - Adventure and bedtime stories

7. Terrazzo

We are not ready to give up marble that comes in many beautiful colors and is an easy material to use when you want to bring a bit of exclusivity to your interior. The next big thing will be the return of terrazzo, which is a material that combines marble and a other popular material concrete.

Home Living trends of 2019 - Terrazzo and marble

8. Wood

Dark and smoked wood have been a no go in the Nordic countries for years, but the dark and cozy look is creeping in these days. And dark and smoked wood are great when used as a contrast to lighter tones.

Interior trends of 2019 - dark and smoked wood