Designer Showcase #3 – Pear & Coin

In our constant quest to expand your nordic design-horizon, we got together with Mikko Laaksonen and Juhani Horelli, founders of Pear & Coin , for a chat about their collaboration, nordic design and much more. Get those reading glasses on and start reading.

Mikko and Juhani

Mikko Laaksonen and Juhani Horelli founders of Pear & Coin

What is the story behind Pear and Coin?
Pear & Coin Ltd. was founded in early 2015. Mikko Laaksonen and Juhani Horelli, the founders, are lifelong friends. They met while living in London back in 1993.

Mikko: “We were into the same kind of creative things, urban stuff and music and became good friends straight away. We got into graffiti, skateboarding and DJ:ing in the coming years. We’ve lived in London and Bristol for more than 6 years of our lives. Juhani also lived in Hong Kong and Australia, So we’ve absorbed all these influences from different places and travels.

The idea for Pear & Coin Ltd. came when Juhani had done this furniture thing for a while. I was more into the business side of things so when the idea for Pear an Coin Ltd. came to me while in Greece 2 years ago, I phoned Juhani up. We instantly got inspired by the idea of working together. In addition to furniture, we are working on developing our business to services, so that will be an exciting direction!

And by the way, the name Pear & Coin came from the fact that those used to be our graffiti tags way back in the day…”

Kaari Coffee Table (Striby) by Pear & Coin // click the image to see more

You are originally from Finland? What do you love the most about your country?
Mikko: “I was cycling back home from the office in Helsinki with a Japanese friend one day… Nori is from Tokyo and doing a one year internship in Finland. It was a beautiful sunny day and we cycled along the bike road on the coast through small forests, parks and the seaside. We stopped at this seaside restaurant terrace for a beer, then continued cycling through an old hospital area with lush green paths and ended up having another beer at one of the parks in the center of Helsinki. Nori was completely awestruck by how green Helsinki is and how relaxed and uncrowded everything is. So, I guess I love Helsinki the most in Finland.”

Helsinki City

What is your favorite thing to do spending time in Helsinki?

1. Hanging out in the many parks having a picnic on a summer day
2. Helsinki Swimming Stadium
3. Galleries and design shops in Helsinki Design District, especially second hand and antique shops – and Hietaniemi flea market!

Hietaniemi Flea market

Helsinki Design District

Helsinki Design District is a creative area in the heart of Helsinki consisting of 25 streets and 200 shops, cafes, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and museums.You will know you are in the Design District when walking around central Helsinki; you come across shop windows bearing black stickers. A visit is a absolute must for design-junkies.

What – or who – inspires you creatively?
Mikko: “We are both actively involved in the creative process, but I think Juhani is more creative than me. Or at least it’s a different kind of creativity that we represent. But I think our way of thinking complements one another really well. So we will definitely bounce ideas off of each other. But in general, inspiration comes of course from everything around us. All culture is inspiring, but of course things like weather, nature and life. Even life situations, moods or atmospheres can spark creative thoughts. All in all, I think that the creative process happens largely in a subconscious way, so it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes inspiration.”

Latsu Swing

Latsu Swing by Pear & Coin // click the image to see more

The Scandinavian style is very popular at the moment. To you, what makes the the Scandinavian style so special ?
Mikko: “I love Scandinavian or Nordic style, for sure. But to be honest, I have furniture in my apartment from many other styles. I like art deco as well. The Nordic style is not just a matter of shapes. I think it’s a lifestyle. It’s about clarity and function and finding beauty in minimalist forms and formats. It is about making life effortless. So for me it’s actually a life philosophy where your surroundings are simple and seamless, making existence fluid.”

Latsu Stool Walnut by Pear & Coin // click the image to see more

What are your five favourite products at ENIITO? and why?
Mikko: “Hmm… Currently I like The Oak Men’s stuff, just because I think they go well with Pear & Coin stuff. For the same reason I like The Carousel by Akiko Ken Made! Design By Dane’s Busy Cup is funny. I can see myself lying on the sofa shooting hoops with pieces of an eraser in to the cup on my desk. Fourthly, I think that Amber A Mini by Ocult is cool. I see too many ugly black laptop bags around. People should invest in a nice leather case to improve their and others’ aesthetic life experience. Finally I really dig Anne Moltke-Huitfeldt’s Black Flint and Diamond Cufflinks. With those, you can add a lot of character to your formal attire.”

Amber A Mini by Ocult // click the image to see more

Carousel by Akiko Ken Made // click the image to see more


Busy Cup by Design by Dane // click the image to see more


Feeling inspired? You can find the beautiful designs of Pear and Coin Ltd at our shop right here .

Until next time, design-junkies…