Does adulthood have to be boring?

Malmö based designer Emma Eklund is behind the design studio Emspace. Her first collection consist of the cutest paper animals – Papermals . Quite a genius move in a time where papermals are found in many homes, and the Emspace version is one of our favorites! We talked with Emma about how the idea to the Papermals came up and of course we didn’t miss this chance to get a Swede’s opinion about what’s special about the Nordics, Sweden and Denmark.

Papermals Emspace

Emma Eklund


What is the story behind the Papermals?

Since I was 8 years old I went to art-school after regular school classes and found myself doing a lot of objects instead of paintings, so I have always loved creating with my hands. I did my education in graphics design in Melbourne Australia where I often found ways of intergrading paper objects in my designs. At uni I was inspired a lot by Julien Vallée and still am.

When I worked as a kindergarten teacher, I loved to help the kids create and make them feel happy about what they created and they became a source of inspiration for the Papermals. I wanted to do something where everybody could succeed in building and also learn how something flat can become 3D. With Papermals you can’t really fail and at the same time you can decorate it the way you want with no limits. So my love of building objects, and especially in paper, and the happiness of kids creating is what drives Papermals. And I also love animals!

Papermals by Emspace


What do you love the most about Sweden?

I love the Swedish closeness to nature. It is never far, even if you are in the city. We take care of the woods and open landscapes (even though we don’t do as much as I would like, of course). And I also love the awareness in people here. We care more about the environment, equality and that people can be different. Many people make an active choice to live with that in mind. It shows on their purchases and lifestyles.

Landscape Ullådalen Sweden

Ullådalen by Niclas Vestefjell

What would you recommend visitors to see in Stockholm?

In Stockholm I would recommend to see the old houses at Skansen. The houses are great and very fascinating. The surroundings are also very idyllic. And if you can get out by boat on the different islands I have heard that’s great! So basically, walk around, see and feel the city nature and atmosphere.

Skansen Sweden

Skansen by Nick Sieger

We talk a lot about the North as being special. To you, what makes Denmark unique and lovable?

In Denmark I also love the nature, it’s very similar to Swedish nature. Since Copenhagen is so close to Malmö I often go to Copenhagen. It’s a lovely city where design is everywhere. Danish design and architecture is great and very well executed. At the same time the old buildings is kept, which creates a harmony between new technique and old. It’s always very inspiring to be in Copenhagen. I think what makes the North special is the mindset in people. We can be rather hard to get close to but once you do we never let go. We are genuine and straight forward. And I think that is reflected in the Nordic design, it’s clean and straight forward. “No bullshit” really!

Free choice of all ENIITO products, which other product than your own would you rather own and why?

I would love to own the Lastu Swing by Pear & Coin . It’s so very beautiful and would make my apartment more fun. Lot’s of people seems to think that play is something you only do when you are a kid and I think that’s very wrong. Why should adulthood be boring? You spend most of your life as an adult, it should definitely be fun as well. I sometimes think that I’m cheating at life, since I have too much fun, at work and in my privat life. It doesn’t seem proper!


A big thank you to Emma Eklund. Check out her cute Papermals at