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From old coal crane to luxury hotel: The Krane

The Krane Luxury hotel apartment bedroom bed

Copenhagen has got a new pearl – and it’s black as coal! An old coal crane from 1944 has been rebuilt to be a 50-metre-square luxury hotel apartment in Nordhavn. ENIITO stopped by for a closer look at The Krane. There’s only one apartment so you and your companion have the whole crane for yourselves included your own spa, terrace, lounge-area, rented electric car (brand new BMW i3), some meals served and of course a pair of bicycles (how else are you gonna explore Copenhagen? 😉 ). The price rate matches all of these extra luxuries so it isn’t exactly cheap to live here.. like, at all. It all costs about £2,200 / 18.000 DKK per night!  But we can’t stop dreaming about spending time at this beautiful place.

Krane Outside Luxury Hotel Apartment Flat

Outside The Krane. Photo by

The Krane luxury hotel dinner dining tableThe Krane luxury hotel bathroom toilet showerTake a look inside The Krane…

The interior is all black and consists of elements of leather, wood, stone and steel inspired by Nordic minimalism. The furniture has been custom-designed for The Krane and the entertainment system is from none the less than the Danish brand Bang & Olufsen. It’s truly a multi-sensory experience! Every detail of this place is just perfect and who wouldn’t love to take a shower with a view up to the sky? Imagine if it was raining while you were showering, just… wow. And as a side note I must mention that it’s probably not the right place to be for someone with fear of heights.


The Krane luxury hotel spa bath

About the spa…

If you book the hotel apartment you will have the whole spa-area with sauna for yourself and you will have a stunning panoramic view over Copenhagen where you can also see all the way to Sweden! The area around The Krane is so quiet that it almost feels like time stands still which is a rare feeling in a city like Copenhagen. If you’re only keen on trying the spa you can experience that way cheaper than booking it all plus get your own spa suite hovering over Copenhagen harbour. The treatments are arranged by talented Amazing-space.


Safe to say that The Krane is the newest and coolest place to stay in Copenhagen!