How popular is Scandi Design on Insta?

Instagram is arguably the biggest photo sharing social media platforms out there and it has encouraged so many people to share their interior design ideas such as Asian Decor, Country Interior or Scandinavian Design. So many people have jumped on the idea of sharing their interior design pictures on Instagram. So much so, the 5 most tagged hashtags have more than 5 million posts!

Scandinavian Design is one of the biggest hashtags on Instagram as there is more than 1.8 Million posts. Of cause you should already know (and hopefully you’re following) the ENIITO Instagram account @eniito packed with cool Scandi Design & Interior.
The interior design you choose is a reflection on your personality. Are you looking for clarity, natural light, space and harmony? Or are you looking for minimal, structured and a natural feel? Whatever your style, there is sure to be one that fits with you in the infographic below.