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How to style your home with Air plants & Tillandsia

Last week we let you in on 7 design trends that will dominate 2017. One of the trends that we highlighted is the integration of botanics and nature in our homes. This has been part of interior decorating for years, but will only become an even more popular trend in 2017. When we told you about the botanics-trend we left something out – deliberately, to be honest. It’s not that we didn’t want to tell you. We neglected to do so, intentionally, because it’s such an awesome trend, that we wanted to give it a blog post of its own.

What are we talking about? We are talking about Tillandsia – better known as air plants. Tillandsia or air plants are a genus of around 650 of species of evergreen flowering plants in the Bromliaceae-family. Not that we want to go all scientific on you or anything. What set them apart from normal plants are, that they don’t need soil to live and grow. They absorb the needed nutrition through the leaves. This is good news for those of us who enjoy decorating your interior with plants, but are incapable of remembering to water the soil – air plants don’t need soil.

Now, that’s enough of this botany class – school’s out! – let’s get on with what we are actually interested in. How air plants can be used to create a beautiful and elegant interior.

One of the obvious benefits of air plants is that they don’t need to be kept in soil and water, which make the ways and opportunities to present and style your interior with them far greater. It is not a must, that you keep air plants in containers with room for soil or water and therefore air plants will allow you to think out of the box, when decorating your interior with botanics.In that sense, air plants will spark creativity and the way we use botanics in our homes. Here’s some great examples of that.


Hanging from the ceiling is one way to go. This is not uncommon with normal plants, but not having to keep the air plants in soil simpy makes it so much easier.



Using regular glasses and cups for your air plants becomes an opputunity, now that you don’t have to worry about enough soil and water.


Be creative and quirky – air plants don’t need to be kept in containers like regular plants.


No one in their right mind would keep plants in a drawer. Well… with air plants you can.




Air plants give you the oppurtunity to have botanics on your walls.


Normally, having a lot of plants in your home requires a lot of care and maintenance. Air plants don’t, so you can be a bit excessive…



Need more inspiration on how to display your air plants? Go here to check out some designs, that would be perfect to display your air plants.


Now you are just about ripe and ready to become a hobby-botanist. All you need now, is to go get yourself some air plants and get creative. They are a colorful an naturistic way to creative a elegant and interesting interior – and it lets you play with the boundaries of how you should display plants in your home.Oh and by the way- here’s a simple guide on how to care for air plants.

Please feel free to comment with additional ideas on how to integrate air plants in the home. If you have air plants in your house we sure would like to see a picture of it. We love pretty pictures… and air plants.

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