How to create something special – One-of-a-kind Tables From an old wharf

Danish furniture company Thors Design presents a new one-of-a-kind table. The table is one of a limited series of 12 tables, all created from a small, decommissioned wharf in the southern part of Denmark called the Funen Sea harbour. Thors Design’s philosophy is to see furniture design as very much an artistic process: “When creating new pieces, we always spend time considering the nature of the wood and how it allows us to work, incorporating its natural grooves and crevices.

No two tables are alike, and this uniqueness convinced us that we should participate in an art exhibition, rather than a regular furniture fair,” explains Carsten Thor, CEO and founder of Thors Design. Over the last 15 years, the company has reclaimed and upcycled wood from five Danish harbours and experience shows that all planks tend to follow similar measurements for instance with a length above 3 metres.

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However the planks reclaimed from the Funen Sea harbour have unique dimensions, and after decades of exposure to the harsh elements of the Danish oceans, they produce some of the most breath-taking historic details seen to date at Thors Design: “We felt compelled to transform these planks into something very special and have created an exclusive family of 12 limited edition tables, each one exquisitely unique.

Each table has been numbered, confirming its position in the family, and we have taken our time to get to know each table, ensuring that they are all thoroughly documented and photographed,” states Carsten Thor. While this is the first time that Thors-Design has crossed the ocean from Europe to the US, it is not unusual for visitors to come from great distances to order artistic tables personally from Thors Design.

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“We have had customers who flew directly from London to Billund Airport in Denmark, where they rented a car and made the almost two-hour drive to our workshop. They took the trip to order two tables to be delivered 18 months later to Marseille in southern France,” says Carsten. “We have even had people driving all the way from Switzerland to visit us,” he continues, “and it’s not that often we have visiting customers who don’t order one of our pieces.”

The fundamental idea behind all the furniture from Thors-Design is that of upcycling. Rustic Azobé wood, sourced from decommissioned Danish wharves, is turned into simple and stylish designer furniture. The result is bespoke, hand-made furniture with a natural Nordic feel that retains the integrity, history and natural character of the wood. The wood’s original raw look is a result of its exposure to the elements for more than half a century. Each piece of furniture is unique, full of character and soul.

The reclaimed wood has been validated and certified as containing only natural oils. It is certified by FSC as 100% recycled. The furniture is virtually indestructible, with a life-cycle as long as the wood’s own history. All the furniture from Thors-Design can be used indoors and outdoors, all year round, in private homes as well as public spaces.