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How to get the most out of your entrance

Roon Rahn entrance hall moodboard

Small apartments often comes with small entrances. To get the most out of your small space, you have to find a solution with multifunctional products. A great example of a multifunctional design comes from Roon & Rahn who created this Moodboard. This one is the medium size in the lightest colour, so depending on your needs, you can definitely find one that fits your room. The hangers are plugged in with magnets which makes it easy for you to personalize and organize it how you like.

By Amanda Svendsen

Roon Rahn Moodboard entré

If you’re the forgetful type, you can hang your keys on one of the hangers, take it with you and plug it in again when you get home. You will never have trouble finding your keys again! If you’re looking for more inspiration to your own entrance, look no further…

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