How to get the most out of your small bathroom

Living in the city is great. Everyone seem to think so, because for the past years more and more people gather up in urban areas. More people in less space and as a result we live in smaller homes. That means that we have to get creative when decorating our (smaller) homes! Especially when it comes to bathrooms. Usually, they are small to begin with, so the notion of bathrooms shrinking could give some challenges. But challenges are good – they foster ideas and ideas are what you need when creating your bathroom decor. It can definitely be challenging to find room for bathroom cabinets, Shelves and all other bathroom essentials with out taking up to much space and without your small bathroom looking messy.

In this post we are sharing some great tips on how to get the most out of your small bathroom space, while also creating an organized, elegant and beautiful style and decor.


Bins, baskets and floating shelves

Take advantage of the space above the toilet by having floating shelves and store your toilet paper in a bin on top of the toilet. Have one basket for small towels, one for your shampoos, one for soap and so on… Notice the antique and vintage style in this bathroom – adorable, right?


Bathroom with washing machine

Photos: Homelisty & Maklarhuset

Integrate your washing machine

Your washing machine can easily be integrated in your bathroom! Just choose a machine that matches the rest of your bathroom – or if it doesn’t match, then have a small curtain in front of it to hide the visual noise. You won’t need a seperate room for it AND you have successfully optimized your bathroom space!


Built-in storage in mirror. Black shelves, perfumes.

Mirror with built-in storage. Toothpaste hidden. Drawer.Photo:

Not just a mirror

This idea is not only good for the bathroom – it’s perfect for every room that needs organizing! Hide your bathroom articles by combining mirror and shelves . If you’re looking for a new and different way to store your small towels out in the open, you should think of having them in a wooden bowl like the one in the last picture. Gives you that hotel feeling, right? Your guests will love it!


Built in closet, storage for bathroom. Bathtub.

Photo: Todd Best & Ema Peter

Built-in closet

Built-in closets are a great way to optimize your bathroom! It won’t take up much space when closed and you can store everything you need. This solution is very elegant and pleasing to the eye!


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