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Nordic Valentine’s Day ideas: What to do in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm & Helsinki

Valentine’s day is approaching (It’s on February 14th if you had any doubt) and it is time to start making plans if you want to impress your date or significant other. Whether you are going on a first date or taking out your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse we have got a whole bunch of Valentine’s Day ideas on where you should go in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm and Helsinki.


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If you are the romantic type, we probably had you at hello, but maybe you are more of a cynic and think Valentine’s day is nothing but a commercial scam? If that’s the case, here’s a different perspective for you. Think of Valentine’s day as the day you let your guard down and just take the opportunity to do something special for the woman or man you love. Use February 14th as an excuse to take time out of your busy schedule and spend it with your life partner. Go out to eat at a nice restaurant, take an evening stroll hand in hand – do something nice. Together. Use Valentine’s day as a stepping stone to show love and appreciation for your partner.

Did we win you over? We probably did. Now that you are a Die-Hard-Valentine’s-Day-Fan, here’s a list of ideas on what you should do for Valentine’s Day in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm and Helsinki.



Bevi Bevi, Italian cuisine, Vesterbro:

Bevi Bevi is actually more a bar than it is a restaurant, but the food is delicious. Small, charming place with a small menu with Italian peasant style dishes. Have the popular Aperol Spritzer pre-dinner (seriously, it is a rare sight to see a guest without one) and make sure to include their Burrata in your order – it is to die for.

IIama, South American Cuisine, Inner city:

IIama not only provides delicious food and cocktails. The sorroundings are top-notch as well. The dimmed/dark lighting is perfect for a Valentine’s date. Also notice the fun, beautiful and artistic mosaic as you enter the restaurant. We recommend the family-style menu as it is a great chance to taste a bunch of different dishes.

Restaurant Llama. Found on Pinterest.

Höst, New Nordic cuisine, Inner city.

Höst is New Nordic through and through. From the food to the decor. Minimalistic, clean and strickingly beautiful food and interior. Höst only serves menues. One 3-course menu and one 5-course menu. Fresh, elegant and great taste.

To the left – Höst-interior. Found on Pinterest. On the right – dessert from Höst. Found on Pinterest.

Restaurant Pluto, Fusion kitchen/french, inner city.

12-courses might seem at bit excessive to some. Honestly, it’s not. Go with the 12-course tasting menu at Pluto and sit back as the delicious dishes just keep coming. Pluto is pure debauchery. No artsy plates, just taste and self-indulgence!

Kødbyens fiskebar, New Nordic cuisine, Meat packing district, Vesterbro:

This place is all about fresh fish and seafood. They serve classic dishes with a New Nordic-twist – and boy, do they do it well. The decor examplifies Scandinavian minimalism and along with the dimmed light the mood of the restaurant sets a nice scene for a Valentine’s day date. Oysters are an aphrodisiac and Fiskebaren’s oysters are fresh and delicious, so start out with a batch of them.

Manfreds, New Nordic Cuisine, Nørrebro:

In their own words Manfreds is “(probably) the world’s only veggie-focused restaurant famous for its raw meat.” We get that – Their tartare really is outstanding. In our opinion you should go for their seven-course menu and have the tartare as an add-on (yes, you can do that.) Bonus Info: All their food and wine is 90-100% organic.


In the mood for a romantic Valentine’s dinner, but not in the mood for going out? GoTipster solves that puzzle for you. GoTipster works with some of the best restaurants around town such as Kokkeriet, Rebel and Taller and the concept is simple. For Valentine’s Day Gotipster and Michelin Restaurant Kokkeriet has put together a special Valentine’s menu that can be preordered now . GoTipster is high-end take-away enabling you to celebrate Valentine’s day in a proper fashion in your home!

GoTipster X Kokkeriet


In order to give you some true insider-knowledge on what to do on Valentine’s day in Aarhus we decided to team up with a few of the Aarhus-based designers from Up first is Line Lerche from design brand Ham & Lerche .

Spoil your Valentine with the Leather Portfolio Cover by Ham & Lerche


Klassisk 65, French bistro cuisine, Jægergårdsgade:

Ham & Lerche’s (Founders Line and Alexander are partners in business and life) all-time favorite restaurant in Aarhus. “Actually, this is where we go on dates,” Line says, and recommends ordering the flambéed pepper steak with fries and the Crepes Suzette for dessert.

Klassisk Fisk, French Cuisine, Nørregade:

Klassisk Fisk (Classic Fish) is the sister-restaurant of Klassisk 65. It is Located i Aarhus’ Latin quarter and appropriately has an interior decor inspired by Paris. The restaurant is focused on fresh fish and seafood and Line recommends that you go with the shrimps ad libitum, but if that does not tempt you, the menu is packed with classic French fish and seafood dishes.

Gastromé, Danish/French Cuisine, Aarhus C:

Gastromé was awarded with a prestigious Michelin star in 2016 and according to the Michelin Guide and Line the restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Line describes her visit as “absolutely wonderful”. Go with one of their menus and you will be in for quite a ride.

On the left – interior of Gastromé. Found on Pinterest from On the right – dish from Gastromé. Found on Pinterest – from article by

Aarhus Street food & Central Food market, mixed cuisines, Aarhus C

Aarhus has recently been blessed with these two food meccas. The selection is big and the markets consist of a wide array of food stalls, allowing you to try many different dishes and cuisines. As Line says, “it might not be the most obvious choice for a typical romantic Valentine’s Day date, but sitting in the midst of all the different smells and people have simply got something cosy to it.”

More on Aarhus? Well, of course. We also had a quick chat with jewellery designer and founder of Bella Bella , Bella Elmborg. Bella is a big fan of peace and quiet, Scandinavian nature and of building an appetite by taking romantic walks before eating. Here’s her suggestions for a romantic Valentine’s day date in Aarhus.

Make your girlfriend smile with the Disc ring from Bella Bella. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Kærlighedsruten (The Love Route), walkabout, Aarhus C.

Follow Kærlighedsruten for a stroll through the inner city of Aarhus and experience some of the most romantic sights and spots in Smilets By (the city of smiles). Following Kærlighedsruten provides you with plenty of oppurtunities to take romantic detours in the small streets and to hold hands, as Bella states.

Væksthusene, Botanical Garden, Aarhus C:

Væksthusene is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day date if you are in to plants and botanics. “Hold hands through four different climate zones and experience the fascinating and beautiful plants sorrounding you,” Bella says. Also, she recommends stealing a kiss while in the midst of butterflies silently flapping their wings. Sounds pretty romantic to us!

Restaurant Skovmøllen, Danish/Nordic Cuisine, Marselisborg forests (just outside Aarhus):

Bella describes Restaurant Skovmøllen as a “Romantic timepocket of a resaturant”. Skovmøllen is located in a building dating back to the 19th century. However, the Restaurant is more up to date, serving modern Nordic gastronomy. Bella recommends building an appetite by taking a walk in the forest, before heading in for a delicious meal.

Moesgaard Museum, Højbjerg (just outside Aarhus):

Moesgaard Museum (MOMU) is dedicated to Danish archaeology and ethnography. Furthermore, it is one of the most breathtaking architectural sights in all of Denmark. Moesgaard is the obvious choice if you want to combine your Valentine’s date with aquiring a deeper understanding of Danish history and culture, but even if you have no interest in attending the exhibitions MOMU is worth a visit. As Bella says, “Walk up the slanted roof-surface (see image) and behold the gorgeous vue of southern Aarhus and Moesgaards forest area. The roof is accessible at all hours and Bella recommends that you use it as a scene for a romantic Valentine’s picninc underneath the Scandinavian night-sky.

Moesgaard Museum (MOMU) Found on Pinterest.


To give you some insights on what to do in Stockholm we got together with designer Camilla Ödmo – a Stockholm-resident. Here are her recommendations.

WoodStockholm, Bistro style cuisine, Södermalm

“Great food, friendly staff and good atmosphere,” is how Camilla describes WoodStockholm. The bistro serves locally and sustainably produced food and beverages and are dedicated to make their guests feel welcome in a warm interior environment created by architect and designer Lars Stensö.

Furthermore, Camilla recommends a visit to the cosy little wine bar next to WoodStockholm and run by WoodStockholm. A great choice if you are not looking to eat, but just to have a few glasses of wine in a cosy romantic setting.

WoodStockholm Found on Pinterest. From article on

Restaurang Sardin, Tapas/spanish cuisine, Södermalm:

Next up is this tiny and charming tapas place. Camilla recommends that you are there when they open. If not, it is impossible to get a table without having to wait a little. Sardin only has 6-7 tables and the owners say the restaurant is the size of a sardine jar. But the food is delicious and it is as charming and romantic as it is small. Great food. Great atmosphere. Perfect for a Valentine’s day date.

As you may have noticed all three of the places Camilla has highlighted are located in the same area of Stockholm. Södermalm. That is no coincedence. In her own words, she never leaves Södermalm. It is her favorite part of Stockholm and all the small restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood are perfect for Valentine’s.

Södermalm, Stockholm. Found on Pinterest.


In our quest to give you great tips for Valentine’s day we have now made it to Finland. We got a hold of Co-Founder of furniture brand Pear & Coin , Mikko Laaksonen and asked him what to do in the Helsinki area.

Lake Meiko, Ice skating, Kirkkonummi:

“If it has been cold enough and the ice is smooth and clean, it is super romantic to go ice skating on a lake,” Mikko says. This is why he recommends that you go to Lake Meiko in Kirkkonummi for a fun and romantic hand-in-hand-skate.

Lake Meiko in summer. Found on Pinterest

Bistro-O-Mat, Scandinavian/French cuisine, Kirkkonummi:

Bistro-O-Mat is one of Mikko’s favorite restaurants. Especially if it’s snowing. “The restaurant has great big windows overlooking a beautifully lighted park. The view is simply striking when the snow is falling,” Mikko says. On top of this the food is great and combined with the view it sets the scene for a romantic Valentine’s day date.

Clarion Hotel, cocktails, City center:

In the hotel’s Sky Room on the 16th floor hotel guests and and other visitors can enjoy a delicious cocktail while overlooking all of Helsinki. At night the view of the city lights is enchanting and perfect to share with your Valentine’s Day date. As a true design-aficionado Mikko highlights the interior decor, which is heavily inspired by the Scandinavian style of design. Want more than cocktails? No problem! Go have dinner in the hotel restaurant Kitchen & Table. They serve classic finnish dishes with a modern touch of Manhattan.

Clarion Hotel, Helsinki. Found on Pinterest.

Mikko had one last idea on how to conclude a perfect Valentine’s day. By giving your partner the perfect gift in the form of the Lastu stool or the Lastu Swing by Pear & Coin.


What’s next? Get to work and start making those Valentine’s Day preparations. If you have any romantic additions on how to spent Valentine’s Day in one of the four cities or in your hometown feel free to let us know in the comments section.

We wish you all a great Valentine’s day with lots of love and romance.