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Mermaid Stories: Luxurious Scandi Chic

Mermaid Stories Watches pink black women men

Mermaid Stories is a young and sea-fresh accessory studio from Copenhagen, established in 2016. The motto of the brand is to combine minimalism and magic. Simplistic design is mixed with fine details, like a little mermaid on the back of the watches. Next to the soft vegetable tanned leather used for the watch straps, the watches also feel light on your wrist because of their sleek design. And: They come in peony pink boxes, the signature color of the studio.

This article is written by TheNordique.

Mermaid Stories watches copenhagen denmark girl

The creative mind behind Mermaid Stories is Victoria Weber, who wanted to build a brand that is all about luxurious quality and delivering a certain “confetti feeling”, as she calls it. “We spent a lot of time to develop the product, prototype after prototype. But at the same time we were also working passionately on the packaging. I find it incredibly important how the unpacking process feels. The smell. The paper. The entire feeling about the first meeting with your own Mermaid Stories watch . The mermaids – as we call our customers – care a lot about our watches’ quality. But they are just as happy about the way it arrives at their door.”

Before designing the watches, Victoria asked a lot of women why they did not like to go with watches. She found out that watches often are knit to heritage brands and “showing off”. “So we wanted to take a different angle and connect the time-teller with creativity and dreams. Soft colors, fine lines, the little mermaid on the back. Simplistic classics that you can wear for a long time and where the leather only gets nicer.”


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Victoria herself had never been a big fan of wearing watches herself before. “I felt they were uncomfortable to wear. And when I asked around, it seemed to be an issue for a lot of women. Even though they wore bracelets. Many of them said they did not like the heavy weight or stiff straps around their wrists.” After some research, it became clear that the Mermaid Stories straps should be made of vegetable tanned leather. “It is really great that this leather is ‘naked’, as you could call it. It develops a beautiful look after you have worn it for some time. You can even sweat with it. And it just gets better.”

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Mermaid Stories Watches

But who is most attracted to the simplistic watches? “We see women of all ages wearing our watches”, says Victoria. “A lot of them buy them for themselves. But we also get many orders from friends who search for a birthday gift or wedding day present that looks great and feels nice to unwrap.”

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The Copenhagen-based studio is run by a small team, all fans of the color pink (next to the Scandi classic black), modern art, creative people from all domains – and of course mermaids. “Our inspiration really is this intersection, the mix of Scandinavian minimalism and fine, dreamy details. This is also where the name of our brand comes from.”

To collect these inspirations, the team also runs a blog, where readers can find interviews with creative souls, cool Copenhageners and Nordic aesthetics.

What are the future plans for the studio? “We have started with watches, but will expand into more accessories. We take our time for that, because we want to make sure that we can stick to our focus and goal: Creating few designs, but with a long-term favorite potential and in great quality.”

Mermaid Stories

If you would want to describe it, Mermaid Stories ’ style is a more dreamy, more female version of the clean-cut Scandi Chic, with hints of poetry and a little bit of mermaid sparkle (which probably many women dream of to be). “We have just started and are excited about the future”, says Victoria. “And of course we are really happy that our packages stand out in the postman’s car. When a mermaid writes to us that the best thing of the day was the beautiful pink box she got, we know we have succeeded in our mission to deliver confetti feeling.”

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