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Nordic Space at Formex

Formex Stockholm sweden interior blue

ENIITO visited Formex in Stockholm to talk with our designers and to scout new designers for our shop. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Nordic Space’ which of course was right up our alley!


3 trends were especially notable; Body Comfort, Raw Luxury and Creativity. 

couch formex flowers plants cozy livingroom

Body Comfort focuses on the human anatomy and voluminous proportions. It’s symbolized here with a cozy and soft couch and a lot of round shapes. If you’re interested in this trend you can explore our beautiful cushions here .

Sofia-Li Molin, Creative Director and Head of Forecast at Swedish Fashion Council describes body comfort: “Extreme volumes once again return to our homes. They’re cozily soft, embracing, liberating and comfortable. The ‘inner space’ has an elevated status. We want to be happy, and our own bodies are reflected in the design. In these tumultuous times, we’re seeking safe solutions and core values.”Plants formex greenWintherland posters black & white neutral tableware gold egg dinner

Raw Luxury focuses on dramatic, mystique and sensuality. Here the trend is expressed in gold and luxurious tableware . The posters on the previous picture is by our talented designer Wintherland .formex light bulb rack plants pastel colours blue green

Creativity was really expressed everywhere at Formex. Who would have thought that light bulbs would work so nice as a vase?! Especially lights are fun to play with which is why we have such a big category on the ENIITO marketplace with creative lighting. Visit the ENIITO lamp section here .

ENIITO will be back at Formex next time. Not only Formex and the people there are very inspiring. Also be sure to pay the city hosting Formex, Stockholm, a good visit. It is such a beautiful place with so many interesting places to go whether you want to eat, drink, shop or just get inspired. You can read more about the fantastic capital of Sweden in another ENIITO blog-post right here.