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Scandinavian design secrets: 12 Scandinavian furniture designers you must get to know

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UPDATED 2018 Do Scandinavian design brands like Wood Junkie, Pear & Coin and Collect Furniture ring a bell with you? Maybe not. But they really should. The Scandinavian style of design was made famous by pioneers like Hans J. Wegner, Alvar Aalto and Svenskt Tenn and even though these brands are still highly relevant a lot of water has run through the Scandinavian design-mill since. A new generation of Scandinavian designers are ready to take over from past greats, carrying on the tradition of Scandinavian minimalism and functionality.

In this blog post we zoom in on the current state of Scandinavian furniture design by introducing 12 contemporary and upcoming Scandinavian designers that you must know. All of them representing the cleanliness and skilled craftsmanship that is the trademarks of Scandinavian furniture design.

Create a Scandinavian home with these furniture designs for your living room and for your bedroom

#1 Anne Linde – Danish furniture designer creating minimalistic and multifunctional shelves and chairs for every room in your home.

Click image or here to see Showcase #1 shelves by Anne linde.

#2 Hove Home – Danish designer with a great collection of tables and desks and quite a knack for the minimalistic Scandinavian furniture style.

Click image to see more of Desk Narrow oak by Hove Home


#3 by dyb – Aarhus-based furniture designer with an industrial expression in her functional and sculptural designs.

#4 Encoded – Encoded combines the sleek lines of Danish design with the workmanship of skilled Bali artisans.

#5 Collect furniture – quirky playfullness is a constant in the mutifunctional wooden furniture for kids and adults by Danish Collect Furniture.

6# Høst Design – Minimalism, origami inspired, modern look. The Trigona table by Danish Høst Design is a perfect fit for almost any room in a modern home.

With its origami inspired, modern look, the Trigona table will be a perfect fit for your livingroom or your bedside. Designed by Danish Høst Design.

Click the image to see more of the Trigona table from Høst Design.

7# ZIBIZ – Nils-Ole Zib is the man behind ZIBIZ. The Dane is passionate about designing and making straight forward, useful and sculptural furnitures.

8# Pear & Coin – Finnish furniture design duo with a love for wood and warm rounded shapes that calm your craving for Scandinavian simplicity.

9# Peter Qvist – Combining design, functionality and art Danish Peter Qvist creates unique and handcrafted wooden furniture.

#10 Römer Design – With a love for the details and wood Danish designer Martin Römer handcrafts beautiful Scandinavian furniture and interior design products.

#11 EPJ // Design – From Aalborg in Northern Jutland EPJ // Design creates functional and minimalistic furniture. The keywords for EPJ are functionality and clean aesthetics.

The shoe rack designed by EPJ Design gives you the opportunity to display your shoes and boots requiring minimum amount of space. Made from powder coated aluminium.

Click the image to get a closer look at the Shoerack.

#12 Wood Junkie – Jonas Jensen of Wood Junkie inherited his love and understanding of wood from his father and his wooden furniture highlights his heritage of combining Scandinavian deeds minimalism and beauty with multifunctionality.


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