10 of the most influential Scandinavian lamp designers

Scandinavian Designer lamps and lighting galore

It is no secret that Scandinavian designer lamps has won the hearts of decór lovers and interior architects. The combination of functionality , clean lines and minimalism captured by Scandinavian lamp designers has become a well-known trademark of the Scandinavian style, that continues to grow in popularity all over the world.

Designer lamps from Scandinavia has a long and rich tradition dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, but the pioneers and their classics are still very well-represented in Scandinavian homes today. This blog features a comprehensive list of some of the most influential Scandinavian lamp designers.

(NB: Perhaps you already know all there is to know about the history of Scandinavian designer lightning or maybe you are just more interested in learning more about the contemporary designers and brands, that has picked up the torch from the past greats. If that’s the case, go have a look at these up and coming Scandinavian lamp designers )

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Before we get started on the list – a short history lesson.
Thomas Edison patented the incandescent light bulb in 1879. This quickly led to the introduction of electricity in companies and larger buildings in Scandinavian countries. Located in the northern part of the northern hemisphere, Scandinavia has a lot of dark hours, which is probably the reason for the preoccupation with lighting. This has led to many classic designer lamps – some of them created by these 10 Scandinavian design greats: 

Poul Henningsen:
Poul Henningsen, a Danish architect and designer, created a lighting series in the 1920’s, that brought him international stardom. In 1958 he launched the greatest success of his career, when the lamp PH5 hit the market. Henningsen also designed lamp-classics the artichoke lamp and snowball lamp. All of these is still being produced and sold today, making Poul Henningsen one of the most fluorescent stars in the field of Scandinavian lamp designers.

PH 5 Pendant by Poul Henningsen. More pendants? Check out ENIITO’s collection of HAENG-pendants .

Verner Panton
Dane Verner Panton was and still is one of the most significant figures of Scandinavian furniture and interior design. His Flowerpot lamp from 1968 still adorns dining room tables all over the world today. Panton’s style could be labeled as very 60’s, but this has not stopped him from being a very popular figure in the field of Scandinavian lamp designers in present times.

Flowerpot by Verner Panton. Go here > For brand new lamp designs .

Alvar Aalto:
Finnish architect Alvar Aalto did not only draw houses and buildings. He also designed furniture and lighting for his buildings. Light meant a great deal in his architectural work, which is why he was very preoccupied with designing lamps. Early in his career Alto’s work was characterized as Nordic classicism, but from the 40’s and onwards he took on a more organic and modern Scandinavian style. His famous pendant lamp A110 is a prime example of the minimalistic, modern and Scandinavian expression that much of his work has.

Pendel A110 by Alvar Aalto. More elegant pendants right here .

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Greta Grossman:
Greta Grossman was born in Sweden, but spent a great deal of her life in southern California with her husband and jazz pianist Billy Grossman. Much of her work is seen as a synthesis between Scandinavian ideals and the lifestyle of southern California. Grossman became a pioneer for female Scandinavian designers, as she was the first woman to win the Furniture Design award from the Swedish Society of Industrial Design in 1933. One of her most iconic designs is the Grasshopper lamp, which is a great example of the sophistication and playfulness of her modern Scandinavian design.

Grasshopper (Floor lamp) by Greta Grossman

Sven Ivar Dysthe:
Norwegian designer Sven Ivar Dysthe is mostly known for his furniture designs, but he has also made significant contributions to the tradition of Scandinavian lamp design. His wall lamp Butterfly from 1964 is a testament to this. The Butterfly lamp is still being produced today and is a piece of Scandinavian design sought-out all over the world. Its simple form resembling white butterfly wings and soft clean lines makes it a perfect specimen of Scandinavian designer lamps.

Butterfly by Sven Ivar Dysthe

Hans J. Wegner:
Hans J. Wegner might be most famous for his glorious designer chairs, but he has made considerable contributions to the tradition of Scandinavian lighting design. His “The Pendant”(1962) and the Opala series from the 70’s are still a popular choice for interior design lovers.

The Pendant by Hans J. Wegner

The Pendant by Hans J. Wegner

Paavo Tynell:
Paavo Tynell founder and chief designer of Taito Oy. Taito Oy was the first industrial manufacturer of designer lighting in Finland, which is why Tynell was nicknamed “the man who illuminated Finland. Brass was one of his favorite materials, giving his lamps an almost baroque vibe. However, Tynell’s lamps combines the lavishness of brass with the minimalistic shapes and subtlety characteristic to modern Scandinavian design. His famous 9227 table from the 50’s is a great example of the symbiosis between the traditional and modern Scandinavian style of design.

“9227” (Desk Lamp) by Paavo Tynell. Have a look at Roon & Rahn for a modern take on lamps in brass .

Birger Dahl:
Norwegian lamp design pioneer Birger Dahl utilized strict geometric shapes in his works. Cylinders, cones and circles gave form to his designs and the Birdy lamp series is a great example of this. Dahl swore to the “form follows function”-ideology making his lamp designs not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly practical and functional pieces of interior design. In that sense Dahl’s lamps captures today’s Scandinavian style of design, making them modern and timeless.

Birdy by Birger Dahl. Go here for more geometrical table lamps .

Piet Hein:
Being a mathematician, inventor, poet and designer Piet Hein can be labeled as a jack-of-all-trades. Hein used his mathematical background in his designs. His superellipse the superegg lamp is a result of a combination of math and design. Being one of the most famous designer pendants from Scandinavia it earns him a spot on this list.

Super Egg Pendel by Piet Hein. Check out Egglight by Design by Dane for a new take on a classic.

Carl Fagerlund:
Swedish lighting architect Carl Fagerlund did some of his most famous work for Swedish company Orrefors Glassworks from 1946-1980. Orrefors specializes in high-quality crystal glassware and lighting designs in crystal, which was a perfect match for Fagerlund, as glass was the main material in most of his lamp designs. One of his most popular creations is the RD 1405 from the 1950’s, in which he used both green glass and crystal.


Ceiling lamp “RD 1405” by Carl Fagerlund. More inspiration? Check out ENIITO-newcomer Mathias Moellenbach’s glass lamp .


Now you are all updated on the giants of Scandinavian lighting and lamp design. And probably in the mood for lamp-shopping. Only problem is that the lamps above are likely to destroy pretty much any budget. Luckily, These guys are giants not only because they are still extremely popular, but also because they serve as an inspiration for the Scandinavian lamp designers of today.
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