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Slow Fashion designer Mette Frejvald: “I’d much rather produce fewer styles and better clothing”

Interview with Danish fashion designer Mette Frejvald

Get to know Danish Slow fashion designer Mette Frejvald and learn more about what slow fashion is and why it is important. In this interview she talks about why she has chosen to focus on slow fashion, why she decided to become a fashion designer in the first place and much more.


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Mette Frejvald is working with slow fashion, what exactly does this mean?

>>Slow Fashion has emerged as a counter-reaction to Fast Fashion, which has a huge and fast production often combined with a great deal of waste, due to overproduction. Slow Fashion focuses on quality clothing with a long duration, local production and a short and much more transparent journey from production to consumer

As a Slow Fashion designer, I’m not affected by seasonal trends that comes and goes. Slow Fashion means, making a contribution to slowing down the pace of the fashion industry to a more sustainable level, which is why quality means a lot more to me than quantity.

My collections are small – in number and in regard to the quantity that each style is produced in. Usually, we don’t produce a design until after having received an order from a customer and everything is produced in Denmark. I’d much rather produce fewer styles and better clothing that I can send to shoppers with pride and joy, than producing clothing fast and cheap<<.

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Why is it important to you as a designer to work with slow fashion and to use sustainable fabrics?

>>There are two main reasons for this.

1) I insist on having time. Time to experiment and go into detail with every collection. That is not possible with Fast Fashion. I’m just as much a Crafts(wo)man as I am a designer and it means a lot to me to take part of the entire process. I want to create fashion with a story attached to it and not just another dress.

2.) As an industry, we cannot allow ourselves to overproduce and to harm the environment as much as we do right now. We simply don’t need all the clothes that is being produced and I want to create clothing that can be used for a long time, made from materials that either do little harm to the environment or are leftovers from previous productions. There is an abundance of large-batch clothing products that are not being used and I want to reuse these. This entails a natural limit to the quantity of each design and it makes them more exclusive.<<

Why did you decide to work in the fashion industry to begin with?

>>To design and to create has always been an interest of mine and a natural part of me. I’ve been sewing ever since I was a little girl and borrowed a sewing machine from my mother’s girlfriend. Ever since I started studying and in my work for other designers, I’ve been wondering how I fit in to the fashion industry and with time I have found my own way, which I’m now exploring with my own brand.<<

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How will you describe the style of the Mette Frejvald brand?

>>Modern, timeless and minimalistic!<<

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Do you often wear your own design?

>>Yes, I do. More and more in fact. Each of my collections build on the next, which, at this point, leaves me with a lot of possible combinations.<<


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What is the next step for Mette Frejvald and what will we see in the future?

In the nearest future, I will focus on showcasing my designs at design fairs and markets. I want to meet the shoppers some more. Down the line, I’m contemplating an expansion of the product line, but what that means exactly, I will keep to myself for now.<<

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