The future of Scandinavian jewelry – 12 upcoming jewelry brands

Lately, we have been introducing you to upcoming Scandinavian designers you just have to know. First up was 13 upcoming furniture designers and up second was 16 upcoming interior designers. However, we are not even close to being done presenting you with Scandinavian designers that you have to know. Not at all. This time we’ll have a look at 12 Scandinavian jewelry designers that you better start paying attention to now.

What characterizes the work and designs of these brands is that their jewelry is handmade, unique, minimalistic and created with a great focus on details. You’ll find skillfully crafted pieces mixing materials like concrete and silver, wood and metal and flint and diamonds. You’ll find bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches, earrings and more all created in keeping with Scandinavian minimalism, elegance and uniqueness. In short, A Scandinavian jewelry bonanza!

#1 Ackurat Watches – Swedish watch designer with a minimalistic and Scandinavian expression in their designs. Ackurat is dedicated to nourishing details and craftsmanship in their classic timepieces. Geometric shapes and clean lines is a constant focus point for Ackurat. Curious? Click the image below to learn more about Ackurat Watches and their watches.


#2 Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt – Fairmined. Fairtraded. Handmade. That’s the story behind every of Moltke-Huitfeldt’s pieces. Anna primarily works with precious metals and fairmined and fairtraded silver and gold. Each handmade jewelry piece is unique and the use of beautiful and expensive materials make the jewelry quite exquisite. Got your attention? Click the image below to learn more about Anna Moltke-Huitfeldt and her beautiful jewelry.


#3 Baks Jewellery – Run by founder and jewelry designer Kirsten Bak. Bak presents playful and fun jewelry designs that combine the classic look with a sore eye for details, good craftsmanship and playfullness. Baks’ earrings and rings are sure to put a smile on your face. Enticed? Click the image below to learn more about Baks Jewellery and her designs.


#4 Bella Bella – Handcrafted Nordic minimalism – That’s the main focus for BellaBella from Aarhus. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand and with love in her workshop. Bella mainly uses silver and gold and often combines with different gemstones. In her work she is always looking to remove everything unnessecesary, which gives her the ability to create minimalistic, beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry. Tempted? Click the image below to learn more about Bella Bella and her many different designs.


#5 Kanske Denmark Watches – Kanske is actually a spin-off from Copenhagen-based digital design studio Censure. In 2014 the two founders and childhood friends decided to add a watch brand to their business. That seems like a pretty good idea. The Kanske watches are classic, minimalistic and sophiscated timepieces that are highly functional and can be worn with any outfit. Titillated? Click the image below to learn more about Kanske and their watches.


#6 K Ó S M O S – Limited, yet versatile. Minimal, but considered. This is how Swedish jewelry brand K Ó S M O S describes itself. Their necklaces are made from upcycled metals from their home area Skåne, Sweden. Their jewelry is minimalistic in its expression, but at the same time has many oppurtunities as you customize your necklace by picking rings in different materials and sizes and match them with different chains. Curious? Click the image below to learn more about K Ó S M O S and their minimalistic designs.


#7 Leth.It.Be – by Sanni Leth – is committed to creating feminine jewellery with a rough edge, for women of all ages. “I am never intentionally inspired by certain things. Inspiration often comes when least expected. It can be in a painting, in the way the sunlight dances through the leaves, a smell, a song or in the sky. That is why I always carry my sketchbook with me – you never know when inspiration hits you”. Got your attention? Click the image below to learn more about Sanni Leth and her feminine jewellery.


#8 Line Marie Skjoldan – Ultra minimalist jewelry in silver and gold. That’s the jewelry of Line Marie Skjoldan in short. The Copenhagen-based designer does all of her designs by hand and especially spends time on treating the surfaces as the jewelry is designed to look different in different lights. One look in day light – another at night time. Titillated? Click the image below to learn more about Line Marie and her minimalistic jewellery.


#9 Pargo Jewelry – Founder and designer Parisa Gol creates minimalist Scandinavian jewelry with a little dash of glamour and elegance. The pieces are simple yet sophiscated and are designed to fit the needs and the personalities of modern women. Parisa’s main source of inspiration is nature and each of her pieces have a conceptual meaning to it. Tempted? Click the image below to learn more about Pargo Jewelry and her Scandinavian jewellery.


#10 Qwist Jewellery – Founder and designer Pernilla Qwist does all of her jewelry by hand and in brass and silver. Her designs are simple and minimalistic but with a powerful look and attitude to them as well. Her love for metals go all the way back to a distant childhood memory that still follows Pernilla today. Click the image below to see her work and learn more about that story.


#11 RUNA of Sweden – From the world heritage site the High Coast in Northern Sweden founder and designer Sanna Grannas creates the clean and elegant RUNA of Sweden-tokens. They fit all normal size shirt buttons and add an extra touch on an outfit for both men and women. Comes in brass, steel and copper. Got your attention? Click the image below to learn more about Runa of Sweden and her elegant tokens.


#12 Thorning Astrup / Aarhus – As their name quickly reveals they are based in Aarhus. Thorning Astrup are big on combining a raw and industrial look with a classic expression in their jewelry designs. You’ll see them unite concrete and silver in one piece and silver and hardwood in the next. All their jewelry is handcrafted! Curious? Click the image below to learn more about Thorning Astrup and their unique designs.

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