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These are the new trends of design: 7 trends that will dominate 2017

Trends are constantly developing and changing. Some trends are hot for years. We call them mega trends. Some trends are only around for a short period, which is why we call them micro trends. The Scandinavian style is definitively a mega trend – it has been for years. Modern and timeless with a clean, simple and minimalistic look. Actually, everyone seems to have a thing for Scandinavia these years. Whether it’s design, fashion, cuisine, management, healthcare, you name it, people from all over the world want some New Nordic inspiration. It is a movement!

The Scandinavian style has become part of our DNA. We love it and feel comfortable in it. It’s here to stay! The Scandinavian style of design is not stagnant. It is an ever-evolving organism, adapting to the needs and desires of everyday-life. Constantly moving forward. This article will reveal the trends, that will dominate 2017.

The Scandinavian trends of 2017 are good quality, warm and dark colors, proper design, artisanal goods and heavy textiles. Made in a proper way by proper designers and craftsmen.
The consumers are getting more and more conscious of our world and the way we consume and live our lives. We want to take care of our planet as well as each other. We don’t want mass production. We want honesty and dedication and we are ready to make an effort.

At  we believe in exactly that. The right (and need) to stand out, surrounded by quality and sustainability.

Here are some of the trends, that international trend-spotters predict to be hot in 2017:

The quiet life is becoming modern and being offline has become a new luxury. Being so busy in our everyday life, always having our smartphone and computer within reach and with a work life often melting together with our private life, we need to make escapes. We simply need to turn off our gadgets and unplug. We need to create small scenes for escapism in our homes, places where we can chill out and just be. Alone or with each other. A corner to relax in, a soft sofa that hugs you, a quiet place where you can dream and meditate. Escapism is hot when it comes to interior design.

We will see lots of thick bedspreads to cover and hide behind and heavy velvet curtains to pull for our windows as shelter from the outside world.

Set up cosy milieus in your home to escape the grueling stress of modern day life, using furniture, lighting and art to create a calming atmosphere. Let these designs serve as an inspiration and click the image or here to have a closer look.

We will see richer and darker colors. Jewel tones are becoming hot and adds elegance and mystery to your interior. Dark shades of green will become a trendy interior color, bringing in colors from the outsides into our homes. We will also see lots of blue, mustard yellow and warm red tones like rust, cinnamon, ochre and burgundy. All mixed with the light and classic Scandinavian colors like blue, grey and raw white.

Color trends 2017: Here’s a few examples of the colors that will dominate 2017. Whether it’s fashion or interior decorating these colors will be used heavily. Click the image or here to have a closer look!


We will continue to integrate nature in our homes. For years, green plants, succulents and cactuses has been part of our interior. That trend will continue and grow even bigger. The next thing is to bring trees into our homes, just as we have them in our garden. Flowerpots and containers to plant, hold and cover botanics in are still popular. Same goes for posters and other interior designs with botanical prints. It seems we are so caught with work and distracting technology, that in order to enjoy nature we have to bring it into our homes. We need nature – we long for it, which is why this will be a big trend. It’s nowhere close to the real thing, but it is an acceptable alternative.

2017 is big on botanics. Here’s some inspiration on how to integrate botanics and the beauty of nature into your home. Click the image or here for more botanic inspiration.


Black and graphic pieces of furniture, inspired by the Bauhaus architects continues to be trendy. We will see more industrial and raw aesthetics. And we will see a mix of materials and textures.

Graphic and industrial design. Clean cut, raw and we will see a lot more of it in 2017. Click the image or here for further inspection of this trend.


Cold metals like Silver, Chrome, black steel and burnished metals will trend and replace the warm ones such as cobber and brass. Cork is a new material, predicted to be hot in 2017. It adds texture and warmth to a clean space and to the popular blue and green tones. It also works very well as A nice way of creating isolation in larger spaces and can be put on walls to divide bigger rooms or open plan homes. And then obviously, it’s good to pin on!

We will see lots of raw, earthy textures like timber, clay and wicker.

Teracotta makes a comeback and becomes hot too. Like cork it’s a warm color that will add contrast to the cold Nordic tones of white, green and blue. We will see it as tiles and pots and the look of today’s terracotta will be more natural and matte – not as polished as the 80s terracotta.


Handmade items, one-off products, unique artisanal items, such as embroidery, pottery, knitting will be a hit. We want the real stuff – handmade and in small numbers. No mass production. We want good quality and honesty.

Handmade and unique design is what we want. Look for handcrafted knitwear, embroidery and pottery to fill homes all over. Click the image or here to learn more.


We are becoming more and more concerned about our environment and we want to protect it. Our mentality is now more along the lines of “let’s save it and use it for something new”, rather than just to throw it away and buy something new. We save old stuff and try to give it new life in new creations. In Sweden the state is even giving a tax reduction on repairs and public repair shops, providing tools and know-how, are shooting up all over Europe.


The earth’s population is increasing and most of us tend to move into the cities, leaving less space for each of us. This will make our homes smaller and we will need flexible interior and furniture solutions in order to do more with less. Multifunctional solutions such as furniture on wheels, chairs which can be used for storage as well or furniture that can be folded as a book.

Our homes will have more functions than we are used to, and will not necessarily be divided into kitchen, living room and sleeping room. New needs will see the light of day, as we tend to live less traditional lifes, work more from home and travel more. We demand more flexibility. In life and from our interior. We will break down walls and create new flexible ones, that can change quickly according to our specific needs or how many persons we are.

“Less is more” is becoming more and more true, when it comes to our space and the square meters we live on and the way we furnish them. Fold up rooms will become more and more popular. We will actually see entire rooms, that can be folded up into a box or flexible furniture with more than one function.

Less really is more in 2017. At least with multifuntional designs it is. Have a look at a selection of well-thought and multifuntional designs for your home by clicking the image or here .


That’s the design trends of 2017. We broke them down for you, so you can start impressing family, friends and colleagues with your new-found know-how on the ever-evolving deign universe. If you’re hungry for more check out our wide selection of Scandinavian furniture , interior , fashion , jewelry , accesssories and art .

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