9 design ideas that will make you wake up happy

Morning Sun

The Nordic Midsummer is right here sharing its long, sunny days with us. Days that are perfect for eating the finest strawberries in the world (yep, it’s here in Scandinavia you get the best ones – and don’t forget the cream) and small new potatoes on rye bread (with tons of mayo and chives)

Jordbær med fløde

“Jordbær med fløde” – Strawberries with cream – a Danish speciality

Yes, it’s happening right now!

We enjoy the never-ending long days and…ZZZzzzzzzz…sometimes forget how challenging it can be to go to bed on a bright summer night. 
Living in this northern part of the world you simply have to get used to NOT getting 8 hours of beauty sleep – 6 or 7 will do perfectly as well… – during the sunny summertime.

The ultimate modern-bedroom-furniture-list

The other “night” I woke up by the sound of a lonely blackbird singing in the top of the birch outside my windows. It sounded wonderful, but it was 3.30 am – and the sun had just set and was now rising again.
 As I lay there in my lighted bedroom (in spite of my fancy blackout curtains) I started wondering…
How should my New Nordic design-bedroom look like if I should wake up after only 4-5 hours of high quality beauty sleep – fresh as a fiddle? What interior design pieces would make me swing my legs swiftly out of bed while singing happily and well rested before taking a shower?
For a Scandinavian interior design aficionado as me it was the most obvious of all pastimes – and hopefully it would make me fall asleep faster than my black friend in the treetops could sing Hush Little Baby.

1. Make-Up: Danish furniture must-have with built-in secrets
This Danish ”remake” of an 18th Century furniture classic is definitely the place I want to start up my day. With this class-A piece in my bedroom it must be possible to forget my semi-permanent Midsummer sleep debt and get ready for the day.

2-5 Simple and soothing Bedroom Interior Design
In a bedroom surrounded by beautiful and soothing furniture pieces I guess it must be almost impossible to feel sluggish and morning-grumpy – even after only a few hours of sleep.

Scandinavian Bedroom

Photo credit: – Scandinavian Bedrooms Ideas and Inspiration

Watch this calm and super white-in-white Scandinavian interior with Hans Wegners classic Flag Halyard Chair next to the bed. 
Waking up in the white, calm and yet tranquilizing atmosphere would certainly start my day in a perfect slowly way especially if a dear friend handed me a double espresso and a croissant on the bedside. A nice cosy feeling would infuses this room full of modern bedroom furniture and maybe – if it was a Sunday – I would allow myself 5 minutes extra pleasure enjoying the minimalistic wall decor.

Lady lovely and Man Supreme by Paradisco Productions


6-8 Canopy Bed: Scandinavian Furniture The American way

Whether you’re passionate royalist or not – in these settings everyone would get a bit of that true royal feeling – without any doubt I would.
In this Canopy bed I would love to rest in the form of sleeping or take a 20-minutes nap after a challenging day at work. It just makes me want to lie down and relax.Canopy bed Scandinavian Design

And maybe add a few floral cushions for an extra kick.

Green Leaves  and Grey Botanica  pillows by Sofie Børsting .


9 Botanic Storage – Bringing nature into your bedroom

At the heart of our Nordic Lifestyle is – yes, you’ve probably already guessed it – nature.
The Midsummer sun and the snow in Fjeldet during the dark winter are opposites that make the Nordic nature so fascinating and giving – this is the stuff we northerners are made from.
We simply cannot live without it and when I sat there wondering with the blackbird outside I felt an immediate need to bring nature into my New Nordic bedroom and what other way would be more perfect than the botanic Storage from Kristina Dam Studio.

Did I miss something? Please, do share in the comments below if you have good styling or design ideas for the Nordic bedroom.