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We have committed ourselves to developing ENIITO to be the only place you need to go to whether you’re a traveller seeking inspiration for what to do on a sunny day in Copenhagen, a professional sharing exclusive insights from the northern way of living or just a curious soul trying to dig into that certain Nordic feeling.

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ENIITO originates from the Latin ab initio meaning from the beginning. 
Our team love beginnings and the many opportunities available when you start up something new. 
As we now introduce our ENIITO blog we certainly hope, that this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship – as iconic Humphrey Bogart once said in one of the greatest films in history – Casablanca.


Although the movie is more than 70 years old it seems as if it never loses its appeal to people all over the world. 
Due to great performances by the actors, hardworking filmmakers and an engaging storyline the film is a fine example of how creative best-practice can show us, that genuine craftsmanship, excellent “raw-material” and brilliant storytelling never go out of tune or get tiresome.

At ENIITO blog we give you a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes of Nordic lifestyle, new design classics and the people who got the bright ideas – dedicated first movers who believed in these ideas’ potential to become your no.1 wished-for design treasures. 
We investigate how Scandinavian creatives are working and share with you inside information about their most lovable interior items, favourite everyday bakery, inspirational trips into Nordic nature or secret urban hideaways for rainy days.

Park Sun

We explore the world of fine craftsmanship and show you the best, craziest, worst or most casual ways to spoil your home, your family or yourself with this light weight yet solid Nordic aesthetic that makes you cutting edge within fashion , interior , furniture , arts, illustrations and jewelry .

Ham & Lerche

Also we introduce you to our eniito.com marketplace where you can browse through exclusive and handpicked New Nordic design from the best upcoming designers of our region.

The ENIITO blog is divided into four categories; People, Design, Inspiration and Escapes.

  • People – interviews and insights from inspiring people of the North
  • Design – About the finer things in life
  • Inspiration – Shopping and styling tips and tricks. Mainly inspired by our shop owners and designers at eniito.com
  • Escapes – a local’s view on what to do, where to go, what to see and much more.  
Inspired by people we interview and our great network of designers from eniito.com