What to do on a rainy day in Copenhagen?

What to do on a rainy day in Copenhagen? – That is the big question. 

Yes, it’s true, it does rain in Denmark, sometimes a lot. At least it feels like a lot. Some summer days are quite tricky and will give you +20℃, sun, clouds, thunderstorms, hail and then sun again. This also means that the weather is important – very important – to the Danes. If you should find yourself in awkward silence with a stranger, just start talking about the weather…

But this obsession with weather has it’s perks. There is nothing better than the spring’s first sun, beaming from a blue sky – find that right spot with no wind, a blanket and just let the sun warm you up. You will suddenly realize that other people live in the city, and it’s not just robots going to and from work. We start using our parks, green areas, balconies, you name it. Is there a spot in the sun we will exploit it. Those first spring vibes make you forget all the short, dark winter days.

Paper Island, Papirøen

Paper Island, Copenhagen

But that’s not what this is about. You will find hundreds of articles on what to do in the sun and outside events are everywhere throughout the summer. But we do have rainy days – which also make us specialists in making time pass on the long, grey days. We’re based in Copenhagen and this will be our 1-0-1 on what to do when it rains. What to do is not a static thing, so we’ll follow up with favorites from our designers to give you the best guide to deal with rain as a true Nordic.

Cloudy fields

The feeling you can’t explain – Hygge

First thing you need to know about is Hygge. Many connects Hygge with coping with the dark winters, but to Danes, Hygge doesn’t stop here.

Bonfire Sankt Hans by Klaus Bentzen

Hygge [hoo-gah]
The feeling you can’t explain!

“Hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family.

Our optimal Hygge recipe:

  • Make your favorit pastry or bread – it’s mainly to achieve the right scent, so a bakeoff will do
  • Candlelights – light them and put a few in your window to light the dark rain clouds
  • Invite over a friend that you can be around without doing anything… Or call them on FaceTime / Skype if it is really raining or that friend is far away
  • Add a bit of hot chocolate, coffee or tea – what you prefer
  • Put on a good movie or show. To make it really local, our favorite Danish shows count Borgen, The Bridge (Broen) and The Killing (Forbrydelsen).

Bringing Hygge outside your home 

If you’re visiting, you might not want to spend a full day at home, or maybe you weren’t too lucky with your AirBnB rental and Hygge is not exactly the vibe you get from the place, then here’s a few of our favorit coffee places that will give you that same homy experience. (note, most links are in Danish, so we’ve added a google map after each area to show you the way)

Møller og Kaffe

Photography of Møller og Kaffe by Rasmus Kramer Schou


  • Sidecar (awesome all day and evenings)
  • Fætter Fætter (deluxe toasts and affordable beer)
  • Møllers Kaffe og Køkken (delicious breakfast)
  • Bevar’s (also for hyggelige nights out)
  • Mirabelle (The best bakery in town)

Find your way to homely hygge at Nørrebro – click here


  • Dyrehaven (exceptional for the Danish specialties, Smørrebrød – and nights out)
  • Granola (Located in a street full of gems)
  • Bang & Jensen (Hygge covers it, also for nights out)
  • Café Vand & Brød (great atmosphere)
  • Café Høegs (all day menus and drink – never have to leave)
  • Mad og Kaffe (very popular café with really good food)

Find your way to homely hygge at Vesterbro – click here


Find your way to homely hygge at Østerbro – click here

Copenhagen K

Find your way to homely hygge at Copenhagen K – click here

Exploring unique Danish design first hand

If you’re the active kind of person, and want to do stuff, a super nice thing about Copenhagen is that it’s a metropol, but it’s a small one. You can basically walk to everything – in between showers. Is it all day rain, public transportation is pretty good. We complain a lot about it, but really, it covers what it should and runs smoothly (though a bit expensive). Check out to plan your trip. Or use Google Maps – it also estimate your Uber expenses.

Denmark has been known for design and architecture for decades, something we in more recent years have opened our eyes for. Meaning there’s plenty of chances to check out new and emerging Danish design first hand.

Image by HAY

For the classics and already known brands we’d recommend to check out some of the Flagship stores, such as VIPP Concept Store, Royal Copenhagen, Normann Copenhagen, Georg Jensen or Hay House. What we really love are all the markets for emerging designers. You’ll meet many of the shop owners, see the products in real life and buy your favorites straight from the designer at (oh, and leave a name in the comments, if you feel someone is missing at

Design-classics-to-be and to check out – of course all indoor

  • Finders Keepers (emerging designers – many of which you know from (Various locations – triennial event)
  • northmodern (exhibition and talks only about Nordic design – emerging and established) (Bella Center – biannual)
  • CIFF (Copenhagen Fashion week) (Forum – biannual)
  • Designer Forum (Established and emerging design (Forum – biannual)
  • Remisen (vintage) (Every weekend from September to April)
  • Design Museum Denmark (a view back to the beginning and into the future) (Open all year)

Find your way – click here by Nana Hagel by Nana Hagel

Let the music play

Finally, you can check out if there are any good bands in town or catch a movie. This is our favorite places to do that

Music Venues – larger gigs

Music Venues – emerging artists

Follow the music or find your way here


Vester Vov Vov

Photography of Vester Vov Vov by Ole Robin Storjohann

Cinemas – large productions

  • Empire Bio (really good and focused audience)
  • Imperial (bad a** sound and largest screen in town)
  • Dagmar (A good mix of movies)

Cinemas – small products

  • Vester Vov Vov (All the best small productions)
  • Cinemateket (for the movie connoisseurs)
  • Grand (good mix of small and large productions. Special viewings with movie makers)

Find your way to the big screens – click here



This should cover at least a good weekend in Copenhagen, even when it rains. And just remember, there is really no such thing as bad weather, just poorly dressed.

For the first tips from our designer’s on what a local do in their home city, head over and read our Emma Eklund feature:

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